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Rothstein Law PLLC
Free Consultations 212-577-9797


Here is what some former clients and other attorneys think of Rothstein Law:


Medical Malpractice Case:

Would Highly Recommend Eric Rothstein

I had a very unusual medical malpractice claim against a well known hospital in NYC and had contacted several attorneys but was turned away with the same response: the case was too small and risky because the malpractice didn’t really have a precedent as it was so rare, and there was no permanent injury or death (the extreme PTSD I was suffering didn’t seem to make it worth it for them). I was very frustrated and had all but given up when I came upon Mr. Eric Rothstein. He immediately recognized that there was indeed a liability and after meeting with him I felt at once that finally I had someone on my side fighting for me. He didn’t treat me as a potential settlement number, but as a person wronged and he was going to do everything to make it right. He kept me apprised of everything that was going on in the case – I never had to call him to ask “Well, how is it going?” and he was always very tactful when discussing with me facts of the case that I was still very sensitive about. He was able to settle the case without even going to trial (in mediation), which I have since learned is also very difficult to do. I would highly recommend Mr. Eric Rothstein to anyone in need of an attorney. He will fight for you as if you were his only client, and if for some reason he feels there is another attorney out there who has more experience in a particular area of the law and/or is better equipped to handle your case, he will walk you to their door to make sure you get the best representation possible. –Angela

Driving While Impaired Case:

Excellent Results and Dedication!

Mr. Rothstein was dilligent in his research and produced results that saved us thousands of dollars and year worth of work. I would highly recommend him and would call him in an instant should I need his services again. –Stephanie

Defense of Civil Assault Case:

Eric Rothstein – Gives 110% For Your Defense. Highly Recommend

Eric Rothstein is an amazing attorney who I highly recommend. I fortunately have not had to obtain a laywer frequently in the past but Eric helped has helped me through my defense in a civil case for which should have never occured in the first place. His knowledge of the legal system and experience handling civil cases shined through to the point where his actions on my behalf were much more strategical then the Prosecutions which in turn helped my defense. Eric was connected via phone and email at all times which is a major plus today and his response times were incredible. –Chris

Motor Vehicle Accident Case:

You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to have something steady again. Thanks to you, I was able to pay my car off, buy a van [to start a business] and half my bills are gone… Thanks a million! –Walter

Personal Injury Case:

Very Persistent and Got Me Results

Eric was able to get me results when no one else would even talk to me about my case. –Laura

Commercial Breach of Contract Case:

Litigator Gives High Marks to Rothstein

This was a tricky case against a nasty law firm and it required a hard, fast and focused pursuit – Eric delivered, hands down. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys from across the county (I am a former litigator, now a technology consultant) and not one of them could have done as well as Eric did in getting this case to a successful conclusion. –Anne

Debt Collection For A Doctor:

Eric succeeded in a collection process that our collection agency was unable to work thru. He is professional and most importantly, does not give up or give in. I have no hesitation at all in providing an excellent review for him. –Joseph

Criminal Case:

A criminal issue arose in our family and I had to disturb Eric on a Sunday morning. He lept into action and delved right into the issue. He keep us well-informed through-out (and since), and was (and still is) a relentless, strong advocate. He is extremely well-versed on the law, and an amazing trial attorney. –Karel

Criminal Case With Active Bench Warrant:

I contacted Mr. Rothstein after he answered a question regarding a bench warrant I needed vacated because I lived out of state and had no time off work to handle the matter. He was quick to respond back to me, as well as answering my questions. I read a lot regarding his past cases and ultimately decided to have him handle my situation considering his extensive background and very fair price. I signed some papers on Friday, and by Monday the warrant was revoked and some of my money returned. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone seeking legal advice, and I appreciate his help. –Francisco

Criminal Case:

Mr. Rothstein provided informative and helpful advice from the moment I first contacted him. He was always quick to respond to queries and was able to act decisively when the circumstances surrounding my case changed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Rothstein to any friend or acquaintance seeking an attorney or legal representation. –Kevin

Civil Rights Case:

Very Happy With Service Eric was very informative and kept in contact with me every step of the way from A-to-Z. He’s very quick to respond and readily available to help out. –Kenneth

Criminal Case:

Hire Eric Rothstein

I recommand Eric Rothstein, he helped me very quickly… You could trust in him… I don’t have enough words to thank him. –Romain

Criminal Case:

Great attorney, very quick

Eric is very helpful and wont leave a single stone unturned when it comes to defending you. He always keeps you in the loop and is very honest about outcomes, what to expect, etc. whether you call, email, or text him – you’ll receive a response almost instantly. Any time I have legal questions for myself, my friends, or family – I always turn to Eric. –Ken

Summons Case:

–Helpful attorney for minor criminal defense case Eric appeared in court for me for a public urination summons. It was a routine case, but throughout the matter Eric was extremely responsive and helpful. He performed the work for a very reasonable fixed fee. –Steven

Slip and Fall Case:

Would Recommend

Eric was wonderful to deal with from start to finish. Professional, knowledgeable and guided my every step of the way. Eric did a great job handling everything from start to finish. –Erica

Marijuana Case Dismissed

I received a summons for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana and didn’t want to plead guilty as I have a clean record and was looking to apply for graduate school in the near future. Eric Rothstein was one of the first lawyers to give me advice. I further inquired him on my issue and being as he seemed very helpful and knowledgeable on my situation, I decided to ask him to take on my case. He was very cooperative, always gave a timely response to any questions I had regarding my case, and assured me on what the possible outcomes would be. He told me that I didn’t even have to show up to court, which also took a huge weight off my shoulders. Mr. Rothstein helped me immensely by getting the best possible outcome — a dismissal. Mr. Rothstein proved to be trustworthy and got the job well done. I know that if I decided to go to court and represent myself, I would of received a 6 month to 1 year probation, plus community service and probably even have a fine on top of this. I would recommend that anyone looking for a cooperative, trustworthy, and informative lawyer to hire Mr. Rothstein. –Maria

Summons Case:

Easy, great service

Eric successfully got me an ACD (which results in dismissal/sealing) for a tresspass violation. He answered all of my questions promptly and everything went smooth and as expected. –Steven

Public Urination Defense:

I hired Eric to represent me in regards to a public urination summons. Not only was he able to get the judge to initially offer a reduction to violation (so that the misdemeanor would not appear on my record), he was ultimately able to convince him to issue an ACD which will result in dismissal and sealing of the case, and no fine whatsoever. I couldn’t be happier with the result, as well as with Eric’s communication and professionalism throughout. My highest recommendations. –Benjamin

DV Charge Dismissed On 1st Appearance:

An unfortunate lapse in judgment could have jeopardized admission into pharmacy school. My court appointed attorney was nasty, condescending and told me to cooperate with ACS for any chance of a favorable disposition. Knowing that this was bad advice I retained Mr. Rothstein. Throughout the case, he remained in constant contact and exploited all the critical flaws of the case. Mr. Rothstein refuted my court appointed lawyer’s assessment of the case and through dedicated legal research negotiated an outright dismissal with the ADA. Not only did my criminal record remain clean, but he saved me a significant amount of time and uncertainty with frivolous court appearances. Did I mention my case was dismissed on Mr. Rothstein’s FIRST APPEARANCE! Any informed person concerned about their reputation must make an investment in competent representation. Mr. Rothstein is an easy pick. –Brian

Received an ACD thanks to Eric

I found Eric on-line and emailed him. He answered quickly and thoroughly. After getting his answer, I called him for a short consultation and he answered the phone immediately. He even told me that hiring a lawyer was not absolutely essential for my case, but after speaking with him, I decided to give him full responsibility for my case so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. And I’m glad I did because he resolved my case 2 weeks before my adjournment date (I postponed the court date by letter for the first hearing). And he resolved the case in a way that was much better than I could have expected. I was given an ACD and no fine or extra stipulations. My summons was for biking on the sidewalk, which is relatively minor, but I’m still glad that I let Eric handle this case. It was money well spent! –Robert

Best Outcome for Two Charged with Petit Larceny. Thank you, Eric!

Eric represented a relative of mine and his friend in court, both of whom received Desk Appearance Tickets for petit larceny. He was very professional throughout the process from the moment he picked up the phone when I called for the initial advice until the moment we walked out of the court building with best possible results – 2 ACD’s. Although the court date was postponed twice, there were no extra fees on top of the initial agreed fee, which was very reasonable. Eric was also very easy to communicate with and answered all of my questions (and, trust me, I had a lot) in a timely manner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! –Anastasia

Best Lawyer Till Date!

I was recently charged with Petit Larceny, while shopping in New York with another friend. We were each given a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT), dated January 3rd, 2013. I was extremely shook up and wanted this case closed as soon as possible, especially because I am in the United States for a short time on work. Having no knowledge of what to do, we contacted many lawyers. All the lawyers we spoke to, said that the DAT date could not be moved to an earlier date whatsoever. We were extremely disheartened as it was very important to get this case closed. When we spoke to Eric, he was very helpful. We went and met him and explained the entire case to him. He was extremely reassuring and listened to our questions patiently. We both left from New York that day for our respective homes in different states. Eric was always reachable via emails and phone calls, (which were numerous from our end). Soon enough we got our case update from Eric. He had to do a lot of running around and he managed to get our date moved to the following week itself. He represented us and got us both an ACD which is an adjournment. On our next case hearing, 2-3 days later, Eric requested that our cases also get sealed ASAP. (Normally this is a 6 month process). I did not even have to appear in court once! We were asked to do 2 days of community service. Eric even got me special permission to do the community service privately in my state, instead of having to fly to New York for it. Within 3 weeks of meeting Eric, both of our cases were both adjourned and dismissed and sealed. No other lawyer had given us this assurance. We are extremely glad to have contacted Eric. He was extremely helpful and reassuring. He was also easily reachable at all times for our endless calls, emails and texts. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to take Eric’s helpful for any legal advice. I greatly appreciate all his help, hard work and effort. –Tania

Great Lawyer!

I would recommend Eric. My case (illegal possession of marijuana) was reviewed first in the court, no waiting, no hassle, 15 minutes and I was out and I did not even get the community service. It was just like any other day. –Jovanny

Mr. Rothstein – very professional, excellent counsel

Mr. Rothstein was very professional and very easy to communicate with. He was able to have my Disorderly Conduct charge dismissed and closed very efficiently. I would highly recommend Mr. Rothstein’s services. –Chris

Excellent Lawyer

From the minute I filled out a contact request on his website, Eric was very responsive to my needs. He helped me through the entire process and made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I’m extremely glad I hired Eric and would recommend him to anyone. –Colin

Highly satisfied by the result

I had my misdemeanor charged reduced to a violation without having to go to court. I would highly recommend this lawyer. Eric is very knowledgeable and explained exactly how things would go. –Sanket

Great outcome, happy customer

Eric handled our summons case for marijuana possession and Central Park curfew (park after dark) and was able to get the marijuana possession dismissed and an ACD for the park after dark charge, an excellent outcome for us. This was my first time facing any charges of this sort and Eric was very professional, responsive, and attentive throughout the entire time working with me. I would not hesitate to recommend Eric for criminal defense cases. –Jeff

Great experience with Eric Rothstein

Eric handled our case perfectly and gave us one of the top outcomes we asked for. He was always responsive to our questions and willing to take calls after hours including weekends. I highly recommend him for any criminal cases you may have. –Rajiv

Very satisfied with outcome, great guidance!

Mr. Eric Rothstein helped provide guidance and an overall great outcome through a DAT misdemeanor charge. He was always very responsive and communicative and willing to answer any and all questions that I had. On the court date he was extremely attentive and there to guide you every step of the way and really help you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Mr. Rothstein as he helped me get through a very uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation. So glad I hired him! –Shirley

Highly Recommended

We were extremely pleased with Eric’s professionalism and the outcome of the case. –Jeff

Definitely Recommend

I would recommend Mr. Rothstein. He was able to obtain an ACD for my case in a timely fashion, and answered all of my questions in detail. –Jacki

Excellent – Knowledgeable

Answers all questions with a lot of knowledge on the subjects. I would definitely use the attorney if he were in my ‘neck of the woods’. Great man; always answers thoroughly. Highly Recommended!!!! –Jake

We chose the right lawyer in Eric Rothstein!

Eric Rothstein took care of my son’s situation in an unbelievably short time. As this was an unfamiliar and stressing situation, he took the time to educate us and answered all questions we had in a timely manner. When it came to the court date, he was prompt, supportive and stayed with us throughout the entire procedure – even after our time in front of the judge. Eric Rothstein came highly recommended by someone we know and we highly recommend him. We were over-the-top satisfied with the outcome of my son’s case. –Cheryl

Would Recommend to Anybody Who Needs a Criminal Defense Attorney! Effective, Efficient, and Gets Best Possible Outcome

I was arrested about a month and a half ago for criminal possession, a class A misdemeanor. As a soon to be graduate school student graduating this spring, I have been in the midst of applying for jobs. Getting arrested became a huge obstacle and burden on my prospective job opportunities and I explained this to Mr. Rothstein who was very understanding and worked hard for the best outcome for me. After speaking with a couple other attorneys I decided to go with Mr. Rothstein. All the other attorneys I spoke with told me seemed impersonal and told me the best outcome I could get was an ACD, which would leave me on probation for 6 months resulting in a serious obstacle in my job search. Mr. Rothstein went far and above what these other attorneys offered me and offered to speak with the DA about my case personally. The situation surrounding my case was questionable and Mr. Rothstein took full advantage of that and convinced the DA to dismiss my case. He got this result only a month and a half after my arrest! My original arraignment date after my arrest was scheduled about a month and a half after the date of my arrest and he was able to expedite this process and get my case dismissed before that original arraignment date. With every interaction and conversation had with Mr. Rothstein, it was very obvious he knew what he was doing and was working for the best possible outcome for me. He was always very responsive, getting back to me on the day I tried to contact him and he was very friendly and easy to talk to. I would recommend Mr. Rothstein to everybody and anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney. He will get you the best possible result. I cannot thank him enough. –Sofia

Professional and Successful

I recently received a summons for Public Urination in NYC. There are two ways for this to be charged. 153.09 of the Health Code which is a misdemeanor and 116-18(6) of the New York City Administrative code which is just a violation. I was charged with the misdemeanor, 153.09, but Mr. Rothstein explained my options. Since my summons was for the downtown court, there was little chance of the charges being dropped. He said he’d definitely be able to have it lowered to the lesser charge and have the case sealed, but if I could get a doctor’s note, then he’d be able to have it dropped completely. I was able to obtain a doctor’s note and Mr. Rothstein successfully got the charges dropped. The proceedings were sealed and I now have a clean record. Through the process, Mr. Rothstein was very professional and available. He kept me informed and responded quickly to my emails. I’m not sure how other firms work, but I always spoke directly to Mr. Rothstein which was comforting, since he was able to answer all my questions. –Matthew

Professional, Quick, Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mr. Rothstein answered my legal advice question and offered his services and after reviewing his and some other lawyer’s offers, I decided to hire Mr. Rothstein. He was really quick with his email replies and answered all my questions, even while on vacation. The case was Petit Larceny with bench warrant. He resolved it quickly and professionally. I would most definitely recommend Mr. Rothstein. –Marco

Excellent Lawyer With Superb Professionalism And Knowledge To Win, I Highly Recommend Mr. Rothstein To Anyone Who Needs Counsel.

My case was handled in a very professional manner and winning with an anticipated outcome. The case was dismissed in my favor as I was the defendant . The plaintiff’s counsel filed a Note of Issue on 11/5/2012 and the Compliance Conference was not held according to Preliminary Conference Order so I hired Mr. Rothstein to defend me. Mr. Rothstein demonstrated a set of legal experience as well as knowledge of law to proceed the timeline of the litigation. I want to say “Thank You” to Mr. Rothstein for a superb job! –Shawn

Great Lawyer

Mr. Rothstein is a fantastic attorney. Sure, it sounds awkward and a bit hyperbolic to describe a legal professional as “fantastic”, but Mr. Rothstein deserves the praise. From the first call to the resolution, he was always available and determined to achieve the outcome most favorable to me. When I say most favorable, I mean that he fought hard to reduce the severity of the courts punishment when he could easily have me accept the verdict. Knowledgeable, professional, hardworking – just few adjectives to describe Mr. Rothstein. –Chaudry

Case closed…

To put it short, I was frightened about my case for I have never been arrested for anything. Mr. Rothstein assured me of getting out of this case – unscathed. I was in and out of court in less than a half hour. Prior to facing the judge, he already knew what to say and what to do and he briefed me with everything, prior to the hearing; keeping me informed of materials and information he acquired, 2 weeks before the hearing. He even gave a courtesy call, the day ahead to remind me (not that I would have forgotten). I will definitely refer him to anyone, who asks me about a lawyer or legal matters. Best of all, he did not charge me a penny more than what he said it would cost —- a very honest lawyer! –Yazmina

Highly recommended lawyer. Get things done professionally and quick.

Mr. Rothstein handled my shoplifting case extremely well. He was able to take care of the civil demand effectively and get the desired outcome on the first court appearance. He made the whole process more relieving for me and never did I doubt him. He communicates very well, responding to my emails very quickly. I would highly recommended Mr. Rothstein to anyone that is looking for a criminal defense lawyer. He has dealt with many cases and has all the experience needed to help clients. –Edmund

Best Lawyer

When Eric first took my case he made me feel like everything was going to be ok and that he was going to take care of everything. And that he did! He is very diligent and working a complex case must be mundane for him because he handeled my case with ease. Thank You Eric. –Romell

Quick Resolution To An Uncontrollable And Personally And Professionally Costly Situation

I found myself dealing with the police for the first time after substances that did not belong to me were found on me from a friend’s jacket. Due to the repercussions of such a charge to my professional and personal life I needed to prove my innocence quickly. I researched the nature of the charge, its outcome and consequences and spoke to a few attorneys none of whom seemed to think that the outcome I was seeking was possible, except Mr. Rothstein. Mr. Rothstein had achieved my desired outcome in the past but in a different context than my case presented. He was open to pursuing my desired outcome of outright or early dismissal due to the nature of my case and the evidence and documentation I provided him. He was able to negotiate an excellent deal leading to the very early dismissal of my case without need for trial. Mr. Rothstein’s professionalism, knowledge, and ability to negotiate were fantastic. He was very communicative and answered all of my questions even ridiculous ones I asked in fits of anxiety. He kept me well informed and inspired confidence. Most importantly he was able to achieve a better outcome that I was pursuing. I certainly recommend Mr. Rothstein as legal representation for any criminal charge stemming from whatever unfortunate situation. –Sherman

Dismissed and Sealed!

Thanks to Mr. Rothstein, Today I purchased my Certificate of Disposition which states my Public Urination charge was dismissed and sealed. It was sealed immediately! I did not have to wait the standard six months after the court date. I highly recommend Mr. Eric Rothstein as legal representation for any criminal charge. His professionalism and speedy responsiveness made me feel at ease. –Carlos

The Best Attorney!

From the minute I contact Mr. Rothstein through his website, he was more than responsive to my needs. All the other attorneys I spoke with seemed impersonal while Eric was very friendly, upfront and easy to talk to. It was very obvious he knew what he was doing and I decided to give him full responsibility for my shoplifting case. I was frightened since I found myself dealing with the police for the very first time. Mr. Eric Rothstein helped provide guidance and an overall great outcome through a DAT misdemeanor charge. He was able to take care of the civil demand effectively and to negotiate an excellent deal leading to an ACD (which was not offered at the beginning). His professionalism, knowledge, and ability to negotiate were fantastic. He was always very responsive, extremely quick with email replies, very communicative, answered all of my questions and kept me informed all the time. When it came to the court date he was very supportive, attentive, ready to guide me every step of the way and make me feel at ease. I’ve found him to be honest, reliable, straight-forward and a great listener. I would recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney. He will get you the best possible result. My highest recommendations. I greatly appreciate all his help and hard work that helped me. I cannot thank him enough. THANK YOU ERIC! Maja

I Am So Glad That I Found Mr. Rothstein

I am so glad that I found Mr. Rothstein. He really is a very good lawyer. He got me a non-criminal plea despite my prior for the same offense. He always made himself available to answer any questions and was very patient in giving me answers, never hesitating to explain everything to me. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone seeking legal advice, and I appreciate his help. –Sulien

Highly Recommended! Resolved My ACD Issue

I needed his help to get early an dismissal of my ACD. My open ACD was a problem for me to get a decent job. It shows up in background checks. I found him on line and met him in his office. He immediately gave me the confidence because he was very certain about what needs done. So I hired him on Monday. On Tuesday he got a court day for Wednesday. Everything was moving so quick. I was surprised. So Wednesday we went to court. I was not sure if the Judge would reduce my ACD period to 6 months from 12 months. In front of the Judge he represented me the best way possible and explained my situation. We got early dismissal for my ACD 🙂 He actually got my ACD dismissed immediately. All this in two days. I can’t get a better outcome than this. I definitely recommend him because he is quick, professional and successful. Thank you Mr. Rothstein. –Bernard

Great outcomes!

Mr. Rothstein represented me in a NY criminal court (two NYPD’s summons). I was charged with violations under the park code which is crimes under NYS law. At the time, I was very anxious especially that these charges may affect my immigration status and my law school application. First, I gave my case to a lawyer who promised me that he will take a plea for a violation for both cases and when I asked him if he can take an ACD, he said: it’s not a probable. I reconsidered changing my lawyer and Mr. Rothsteien was the one. I found him very knowledgeable and responsive and above all, he’s paying attention to details. The outcomes were fantastic, both summons were dismissed! Thanks for his efforts and professionalism. I highly recommend Mr. Rothstein to any one in need for a great criminal defense lawyer in NYC. –Abdullah

Excellent work, very effortless.

Eric was incredibly helpful. He guided me throughout my case with ease. He’s professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. I would definitely go with him again if anything happened. I recommend him to anyone in need of help with criminal defense in NYC. –Kirsten

Eric Rothstein

Eric was great to work with, very professional and fast on his response. He definitely has his client’s best interests at heart. I would recommend him anytime. –Mitchell

Highly recommended lawyer. Get things done professionally and quick.

Mr. Rothstein communicates very well, responding to my emails very quickly. I needed help to get an early ACD dismiss and sealed before the six month that the court gave me. My open ACD was a problem because I had a job offer and will show on background check. I decided to hire Mr. Rothstein. He contacted the DA and was able to dismiss and seal my case in less than 48 hours. I highly recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone and everybody who needs a criminal defense lawyer. He will get you the best possible result. I cannot thank him enough. –Johanna

Excellent & Professional

I have recently had the pleasure to work with Eric on a misdemeanor in NYC. He answered my emails right away and gave me thorough responses on any questions I had. I was able to pay him through PayPal which was extremely convenient. Eric handled my case, despite myself asking for his services just a few days prior to the court hearing. The entire transition was smooth and we did not even have to meet in person. I could not recommend Eric highly enough. –Mike

Trustworthy & Precise

Truthfully speaking: I was headed up s***s creek without a paddle. Eric Rothstein made sure everything was taken care of. He answers ALL emails and picks up ALL phone calls. Very reassuring guy to deal with. Told the truth about my case, and didn’t make any promises. But guess what? CASE DISMISSED. Even when I honestly didn’t think that would have been the outcome. It’s in your best interest to let Mr. Rothstein represent your legal matter. –Marcus

Case Dismissed Before Original Court Date

I received a DAT for theft of services in New York and Eric worked to get it dismissed before the original court date, as my case was very time sensitive because I work in an industry that routinely runs background checks. From the first day I contacted him, Eric was extremely responsive and answered any questions I had (which at times were very many). In order to try to advance my arraignment, Eric reached out to the ADA and their supervisor multiple time times and always kept me informed of any developments. Originally, the ADA was only willing to offer an ACD which would be dismissed after 6 months as long as I didn’t get myself arrested again. However, since the case would remain open for 6 months accepting that offer would most likely result in dismissal from my employment. Eric worked with the ADA to set up a meeting where we could discuss details of the case. After that meeting was offered an ACD that same day, which would be dismissed the next day in the interest of justice. Essentially, my case was dismissed within 24 hours of meeting with the ADA and a day before the court date on my original DAT. I would highly recommend Eric. He is honest, responsible and really pushed for my case to be dismissed. Without him, the best offer I could have received would have had very negative consequences to my employment situation. Thank you Eric!  –Priscila

Dismissal for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

I got a pink summons from the NYPD for a violation of 221.05 “Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.” I emailed Eric Rothstein and he gave me the three possible outcomes for the case (dismissal, a marijuana ACD, or paying the fine) and told me his fee. He ended up getting the best possible outcome – a dismissal – and he didn’t charge any more than he originally said. He also got the case moved up by a week so getting the good news was an even bigger surprise. I highly suggest him. –Nicole

Summons Dismissed

Eric was really helpful in educating me and my partner about the two summonses we received in Queens, NY. He went over the implications in detail and informed us on our options. Everything went as planned and we are very happy with the results. We would definitely recommend Eric. –Mehdi

Most helpful! Thanks.

Had a minor violation, which has been taking care of promptly and effectively. Most grateful for that.

Recommending Mr. Rothstein

Mr. Rothstein did an excellent job in defending my case. He proceeded with my case before even I pay him. It’s not easy to find a lawyer like him. He knows his work very well, he’s trustworthy and a superb attorney. Before I call Mr. Rothsein I called other lawyers, they were just talking about their own fees not my case. I’m glad I found him. –Hassan

I have no regrets hiring Eric Rothstein!

I have always been skeptical of hiring lawyers, especially ones that I find online. My experience with Eric Rothstein has totally changed my perspective. My friends and I made a minor (but common) mistake this summer in NYC and wound up with a semi-serious criminal charge against us, requiring us to appear at a court date. Typically, lawyers who handle this sort of case charge a minimum of $500 per case. After talking to Eric and explaining my situation, he offered my friends and I a really generous deal to handle all three of our cases for one combined price, which took the sting out of the situation a bit. Eric handled our cases entirely, and even went to court for us, so that we did not have to wait in line or see a judge. He got two of our cases reduced to the equivalent of a traffic violation fine and one of our cases completely dismissed. He was extremely informative and helpful throughout the entire process, and I would not hesitate to hire him again. He was the most honest of the lawyers I talked to, which is really important in my opinion. –Rich

Criminal Defense Case

I had a case where my neighbor accused me of hitting him after I told him to stop making noise at 12 – 1am in the morning and got arrested. It was the first time I had to deal with the law and wrongfully accused. I was looking around for a lawyer so I went on-line and looked at reviews. I contacted Eric and we met up, I told him my case and he told me all the information that I should know. Without hesitation, I hired Eric. After several court appearances and multiple chats with the DA on his end, I finally got an ACD. During the duration of my case (over 6 months of waiting for next court appearances) Eric never hesitated to answer my questions, was always reachable and did the best he could for the outcome I desire. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Eric. –Simon

Job Well Done

Eric is prompt, professional and knowledgeable. He was with me every step of the way, starting from the negotiation with the police/DA to make sure there is no surprises on charges and offers. He predicted and got me the best outcome possible (ACD) and accelerated the timing for each step of the process. For a very unfortunate incident with high level involvment from the city, he ensured it was painless for me. I was in court for no more than a couple of hours and was on the first docket called. I can’t say enough about he’s competency and professionalism, you can’t go wrong with his help. –Tom

Highly Recommended with Fantastic Service and Outcome

Eric Rothstein is very professional on what he is doing. Fantastic outcome in a short time. I am very impressed with him and I have no regret of hiring him. Highly recommend him to anyone with any cases.

Got A PL 220.03 In Manhattan

Mr. Rothstein was great. I hired him for a Penal Law 220.03 and got the DA to change his original offer from a disorderly conduct with community service to an ACD for six months. He was great, honest and straight forward. Last night I had the best sleep in a month and a half. Thanks Mr. Rothstein. –David

Professional, Personable and Productive

Professional, personal and knowledgeable, Eric will counsel you, as well as keep you calm. Though you may have never imagined needing a lawyer for public urination, if you happen to get caught – he’s your advocate. –Eric

Excellent Attorney!

Attorney Par Excellence! Very thorough in his research and approach – Makes sure he knows the entire picture and all the facts of the case. Very aggressive and proactive in implementing strategies to get the case dismissed. I was arrested for a forged document which was not written by me. 4 attorneys who I hired could not get my case dismissed. I hired Mr. Rothstein, and he got my case moving in fast track, and he successfully got it dismissed. –A. A.

Superb! Highly Recommended!

Superb! Hired him for a misdemeanor criminal charge. (something stupid but at the same time it could’ve been very serious if not handled properly). It took him 4 business days to get me an ACD for 3 months (not event the standard 6 months). Do yourself a favor and do your research before you retain a lawyer. Do NOT hire a local lawyer around the Court in Queens Blvd. you will regret. Once again thank you so much Rothstein. Superb! –V.Y.

A Lifesaver, Definitely Gets The Job Done

I work in retail banking and was charged with a misdemeanor that would potentially bar me from employment due to FDIC regulations. I had a job offer with a top U.S. bank that was initially rescinded due to taking an ACD for that charge, and I needed new legal representation in order to reinstate the job offer. The period in which I was eligible for reinstatement was very time-sensitive and so I did not want to take my chances again with an inexperienced public defender. In meeting Mr. Rothstein for an initial consultation, I can say that he is definitely a straight shooter who lays down all the facts and delineates for you the best outcome for your legal situation. I have had lawyers who will just meet with you for fifteen minutes before your court appearance to find a quick solution. Mr. Rothstein is not like that, and does not procrastinate in getting the ball rolling either. After speaking with the DA, he was able to schedule a court appearance and have the DA immediately dismiss my case, which was remarkable considering it was less than 24 hours after seeking his representation. My offer was fully reinstated thanks to him moving so quickly. He also is a prompt communicator. Mr. Rothstein definitely will not ignore you for “a more pressing case” and always responded very quickly to your messages by phone or email to update you as well. I am glad that I sought his help and would definitely seek him again or refer him to my colleagues for future legal representation. –A.I.

Amazing Work & Results From Eric Rothstein

Eric took on an unlikely complex criminal case with US district court, Eastern district. This was a case that had aged, facts and witnesses walked away and the US attorney’s office hang on to it with all they had left. With expert maneuvering, wide knowledge of the law and a tiger’s approach, Eric handled every detail of the case & its detail circumstances with US office. He had to dig deep into other similar cases and old relationships that were extremely difficult to unravel. With the confidence, intelligence and deft required from an attorney, Eric navigated the case through the complex Eastern district making connections, conversations, research and everything needed to arrive at the legal facts. He ultimately negotiated an incredible dismissal of the case. In addition, Eric stands out as a very decent human being, humble and always responsive and reachable to his clients. I am fortunate to have had him on my side when I needed a sharp legal mind. –Adnan

Dismissed and Sealed! Amazing Work!

Mr. Eric Rothstein my first lawyer to whom I turned for help. I never asked for help to lawyers, since I arrived relatively recently in the United States. I was skeptical, because I was not sure of the positive solution of my case. But my first experience with Mr. Eric Rothstein was awesome!!! Eric has always kept me informed during the process and he successfully got it Dismissed. And I have not spent a single second in the Court. I received a Certificate of Disposition by mail. Highly recommend him to anyone with any cases because he is professional, honest and reliable! –Dzmitry

Super Lawyer. Case Dismissed & Highly Recommended Anybody Needs Great Lawyer.

I got DAT for arrest (shoplifting charge). I contacted attorney Eric Rothstein. He is so professional and knowledgeable and made this case dismissed today at court. He kept me always informed about new details right away. He is even attention to small details when he reminded me about court date arrival time. He made sure that made me come before its long line at entrance at court house. He is skillful and knows what he is doing very well. I would highly recommend anybody needs great lawyer for good possible result for their case. –Sodgerel

Trustworthy and Competent

I am so thankful that I came across Eric on-line. His fees were way more reasonable than the other lawyers I checked out, he was completely trustworthy and honest, gave me all the time I needed, and was more then successful in fighting my case, even exceeding my expectations. I spoke to a few other lawyers regarding my case and I am so glad I chose Eric because besides for the fact that he is very experienced and competent, he is also kind and trustworthy which is a rare combination. Thank you Eric! –Shira

Amazing! Highly Recommend!

I hired Mr. Rothstein to help me advance a case dismissal. Mr. Rothstein was very responsive to my phone calls and emails, and was very attentive to details. He kept me informed with every update along the way. He was able to get the whole process done within a week, which was very impressive. I would highly recommend Mr. Rothstein since he is very knowledgeable and professional. –Hollie

Great Lawyer!

Mr. Rothstein was informed, responsive, and always willing to speak with me throughout the course of my case. Answers phone calls and emails very quickly, and always put my fears at ease. He truly advocates for his client and in the end we got the result we were looking for and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again if needed. Thanks Mr. Rothstein!

Take This Honest Advice, Hire Mr. Rothstein

If you are in need of a dependable, fair priced lawyer, look no further and hire Mr. Rothstein. I have been dealing with Mr. Rothstein the past few months and I can’t say enough positive things about him. I found myself in trouble in Manhattan and wanted to make sure I could put it behind me and move on with my life. From my first conversation with Eric he put everything on the table and put me at ease with my stressful situation. Any email I sent was immediately responded to, any phone call made was answered or returned ASAP. He gives you all your options and allows you to choose how to move forward. He is genuinely there for you and you can tell. As far as court went he had me streamlined, no waiting, first case called and I received the exact outcome we had planned for. He stayed with me as I handled some of the requirements I had to set up at the court and made sure everything was in its right place. I can tell you from experience if you need a lawyer, HIRE ERIC ROTHSTEIN. You will be in the best of hands. –Bret

Quick, Easy to Work With, and Reliable

Eric was very professional and responsible in handling my case. Communication between him and I was excellent, and he was incredibly quick at responding to my messages. I admire his persistence and effort in helping me get the ACD. Well done!

A+ Attorney

In dealing with Mr. Rothstein I found him to be reliable, professional and most important, knowledgeable. He helped me through a difficult time and negotiated a much lower dollar amount than I anticipated and avoided criminal prosecution. Not only would I use Mr. Rothstein again but I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Thanks again. –Diana

Someone You Can Trust

I got caught up in a bad situation with someone who’s nothing short of an idiot… Having no experience with the law whatsoever, Mr. Rothstein assured me that he would fight for the charges held against me to be dropped. Although the DA tried to screw me with the initial charges, he kept me confident through the entire experience, and the case resulted in me receiving an ACD with no court fees (which is exactly what we were shooting for and a lot less severe than what the DA had offered the first time around). The other guy’s lawyer did nothing for him at all, and he was forced to take the more severe charges. Now all I have to do is stay out of trouble for 6 months, and the case will be sealed and it’s like it never happened. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with him. My life could have been put on hold and things could have turned out a lot worse for me. You can rest assured that his tremendous amount of knowledge with the law will surely aid in getting you your desired verdict. –Nick

Thanks for your very fast response regarding my case!

Thanks Eric for your instant help regarding my case. I was abroad, and was certainly going to miss a summons hearing… Eric took care of the whole thing in a matter of hours, and alleviated a major annoyance while I was travelling! Thanks for the quick and painless help regarding my case!!!! –Matt

Eric Rothstein is my HERO! Super attorney!!

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Eric Rothstein. From the very start of my case he was attentive, meticulous, and dedicated to fighting for me. His knowledge of the law is irrefutable and his wisdom is remarkable. He was ALWAYS prompt for every single meeting, which I was extremely thankful for. Eric is not the type of attorney to keep you hanging either. His response time on emails and phone calls was incredible and he always gave to the point answers. I am so pleased that I was fortunate enough to obtain his services because he did wonders for my case. He made the whole process much less stressful all while keeping me constantly informed. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney! Trust me when I tell you Mr. Rothstein is the key to winning your case; he will not disappoint! –Christina

Helped Immensely

Attorney Rothstein helped me get an ACD after an unfortunate incident. He was responsive and accurate in his prediction and outcome. Hire him as your legal representative. –Ed

Eric Rothstein Lawyer with no peer

What can I say, this guy is the best. A few months ago I got into trouble and it wasn’t pretty. To start, I am a very private person and this was my first time getting into trouble. I could not let this “incident” be publicized nor prolonged. Long story short, Eric Rothstein was not only able to negotiate a better outcome but save my dignity as well. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. First timers, don’t worry, Eric Rothstein knows how to handle your case and will see it through that you get the result desired. As soon as I explained my situation, he knew immediately what to do and what the likely outcome would be. I was nervous as heck when I first walked in but Eric Rothstein made me feel like a decent human being who made a mistake, not like a convicted felon. Even after my trial, Eric stayed with me throughout the registering of my sentencing, a surprising human aspect that I never thought would exist in a lawyer. I would not hesitate to use his services again if need be. I cannot recommend him enough. –George

Great Attorney

Eric Rothstein was formal and responsive to my emails. He was able to get my case handled before my appearance. I was worried about it because this was my first offense and I didn’t want it to mess with my future, but he made me feel comfortable and reassured me that the case will be handled with a dismissal or an ACD. He was very nice and understanding of the situation. I do recommend him for your defense. You can’t go wrong with Eric Rothstein at your side. –Russell

Very competent and Dependable Lawyer

My case was with Century 21. I was charged with Petit Larceny for shoplifting. I picked Eric out for my case based on excellent reviews on Avvo. Eric mentioned that he expected to be able to get an ACD based on my background and indeed was able to do so. (ACD implies the charge would be dismissed within 6 months of the first court appearance date contingent on completion of community service and no repeat offences). On the appointed court date, he was there before me and had already spoken to the authorities about my ACD. The day went very smoothly. Before the court date, he addressed all my questions/anxious concerns patiently and with impressive promptness, both on the phone and email. What I like most about working with him is that he does not over-promise or overstate. His ample experience in the field must help. I felt like I could rely on his advice. I am happy with the service he has provided on my case. I recommend him highly. –Puloma

Awesome Professional!!!

Eric advanced my reckless driving case upon receipt and was able to dismiss my violation ALL without my presence. Excellent communication and exceptional professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on my behalf. Thank you always! –K.M.

Excellent Lawyer

Great lawyer. Very reasonable fee. Consistently kept me updated regarding my case and was always available. I hired him to arrange an early dismissal of an ACD case. When another lawyer had said that an early dismissal could not be arranged, Mr. Rothstein said otherwise. He was able to arrange meetings with all the necessary people and a couple of weeks later, my ACD was closed early. Thank you! Don’t hesitate to hire him if you need help. –Edmund

Fantastic Lawyer

I first reached out to Eric in January in order to inquire about what options were at my disposal after receiving a citation for public urination. Eric was incredibly helpful and very timely in offering advice regarding the best course of action for my particular case. Seeing as I wished to have this completely removed from any record (regardless of whether it is public or private I wanted to make sure that there was no chance that a future employer etc. would come upon this information), Eric and I moved forward in an attempt to get my case thrown out. Simply put, Eric clearly told me what steps I would have to take in order to help him accomplish this goal and after following his simple and easy instructions he ultimately was able to get my case thrown out. –Elias

Got The Job Done Quickly and Well

I was issued a summons for open alcohol on a subway platform. Eric Rothstein handled the matter for me because as a small business owner in NJ I couldn’t get to the required court date in the city. He handled it quickly and exactly as I wanted him to. Great job. –Dave

Excellent Attorney

Very happy and thankful for my result! Excellent attorney. Very professional. Got me a ACD with no community service. So happy I retained him. Highly recommend! –Veronica

Outstanding Attorney – Case Dismissed

Mr. Rothstein showed expertise not commonly seen in the courtroom. He is capable, dedicated and true to his profession especially when it comes to defense. He was able to use a defense strategy not normally used. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an experienced and seasoned attorney. –John

The Best Attorney

ERIC ROTHSTEIN is hands down the BEST CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY you can hire in ALL OF NYC!!! Take it from me – I interviewed multiple lawyers off of referrals. They were okay – but all had the same pitch – exaggerate the worst case outcome & negotiating would be a “very tough task”. For example they would say: “instead of 3 days Community Service – I can try to convince the Prosecutor to bring it down a bit”. As if to say they are earning their fees. Eric is different – he is HONEST!! In fact the MOST HONEST attorney I’ve ever met (and I’ve worked with many in business). As you all know, that is tough trait to come by these days. Frustrated from the referrals – I came across him searching the web and found All his reviews are accurate. He told me from day 1: “this is what I expect in your case and if we don’t get it – I will Not accept the plea until we get what I want – Period!” Eric is SUPER INTELLIGENT in all aspects of the Law – not just Criminal. He is HIGHLY RESPECTED by his peers, Prosecutors & Judges. His SUCCESSFUL track record speaks for itself. He was at the court house before the scheduled time and made life so easy for me. In and out – first case. Great KNOWLEDGE – easy to get a hold of – just an all around GREAT GUY. I consider him a FRIEND now. Avvo has many high rated attorneys, but Eric is simply BETTER than the rest. If you need an attorney – don’t waste time like I did searching & searching – just GO WITH ERIC ROTHSTEIN – I GUARANTEE you will be in good hands and get the results you want. BTW – he is an AWESOME personal injury attorney as well. –Ken

Awesome Attorney

Eric is an outstanding and reliable lawyer! I initially reached out to Eric after being arrested for hopping a subway turnstile. I was given a court date about 2 months from when I was arrested, and I was looking at a 6-month ACD (Adjournment Considering Dismissal). Unfortunately, I needed to undergo a criminal background check for a job I had just gotten, and with the arrest/case still on my record, I would not have passed the check and would have lost my job. Eric was able to advance my court date by almost a month, and very quickly after that he was able to get my case dismissed and sealed (well before my background check even started and well before my original court date). Eric is extremely knowledgeable, willing to work hard for you, and gets things done – he’s awesome! –Victor

Best Lawyer

When I met Mr. Rothstein and told him about my case, he very clearly explained my options and suggested the course of action. I felt very comfortable with everything Mr. Rothstein told me and as a result, everything happened exactly as he said. I am very grateful to Mr. Rothstein for his professionalism and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer. –N

I would recommend Eric

I hired Eric for a shoplifting criminal case. Throughout the course, I find Eric to be responsive and effective. We had our court appearance and I got exactly what he told me. I would recommend –Eric.

Superb Lawyer

Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable and extremely reliable. Mr. Rothstein is the lawyer that other lawyers go to for advice. He got me a favorable deal (acd) for something they wanted me to plead out to initially. –Joe

Promise less, deliver more

I was charged with shoplifting case and I signed trespass notice and civil demand notice at the big fashion store in Edison, New Jersey. I approached multiple lawyers who told me how grave the situation I was in given I am immigrant student, and how their tactful approach can help me get the case dismissed. Eric on the other hand didn’t make the situation appear so grave while maintaining that getting the clean dismissal was next to impossible. While dealing with me he took me through the worst case scenario and prepared me for that, but he left no stone unturned to get me off the charge. He even approached the entire chain of people in charge of loss prevention at the store to persuade them to revoke the charges. He also strategized the hearing day so as to face a merciful prosecutor. In every hearing, he tried to get the charges dismissed and in the end was successful. He saved me from a doom as I might have been barred from entering US for life which could have ended my career completely. –R.B.

Criminal Defense Case, Great lawyer

I was in very serious situation, felony case. And I don’t speak fluent English. That could make my case worse. Mr. Rothstein tried to help me with much patience for my clumsy English. He always made a quick response to my email and gave detailed explanations. That helped me to reduce my fear and made my better attitude to face the case. Finally I got 6-month ACD that won’t hurt my record and my immigration status either. This is a great result. He saved my life. Besides that my original court appearance date was June 26th. But he finished everything on May 5th. I could be released from the intense stress and anxiety almost 2 month earlier. We can face our own case with much less stress with Mr. Rothstein and his professionalism. That also leads good result. Great attorney. I wish we cold have a lawyer like him in my country. Very impressive experience. Thank you very much. –Yuko

Eric Rothstein Review

Eric was able to first support me and reassure me during this difficult time. My case was tried in community justice court and he was able to deliver exactly what he promised. I was arrested for theft of services and trespassing on private property in the subway. I was sentenced to community service and got an ACD. Eric knows the court, he knows the system, he knows his craft and he sincerely believes that his job his to offer the best defense to his client. I highly recommend his services. –Melvine

Eric is a must have lawyer!!!

Eric represented me recently in a legal situation and I found him to be very professional and competent. What impressed me most was his knowledge of the law and his confidence. I will CERTAINLY recommend Eric without reservations! –Anonymous

Dismissed and Sealed!

I am in a line of work where a Disorderly Conduct conviction could be problematic on my record. Eric persuaded the Judge to dismiss and seal the case in a month. I did not plead to anything or admit anything. –Paul

A Professional, Diligent, Knowledgeable, Well-Connected Advocate – Go Nowhere Else

An unfortunate series of events led me to gather information on how to deal with a minor violation early on a Sunday morning. The fine was minimal but I was hoping to retain a spotless record. Mr. Rothstein was the first to reply, followed by several others lawyers, and easily seemed to have the best command of the situation and knowledge of the Manhattan legal infrastructure. His past as a D.A. can’t be understated. He saved me from glaringly bad advice on behalf of 2 police officers (at best ill-informed and conflicted, seek counsel) and described the process, what he could attain in a worst/best case scenario, the extremely fair flat cost, and the timeline. Over the next 2 months, Mr. Rothstein was prompt in following up to inquiries on my behalf, and before the court date on the ticket he was able to get a FULL DISMISSAL. I fully recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone requiring counsel and am thankful to have employed his services, which were a lifesaver. –Scott

ACD for my Petit Larceny Case

Eric Rothstein is an amazing lawyer. The most notable thing about working with him is his response time. Through email, Mr. Rothstein would email back within the half-hour every single time, if not sooner. He is very clear with his emails as well, despite the fast response time. My case was a petit larceny in New York City (~$80). He got me an ACD with very little required volunteer hours. I live in a different state, so I did not even have to appear in court. All this happened without me ever meeting Mr. Rothstein in person. Mr. Rothstein would email me back with any questions and information – I did not even have to ask. He answered all my questions, despite how silly they were: I don’t have the most experience with law. I always felt he was straight forward with me and very very clear. I contacted him about three weeks before my court date and we were finished with everything 2 weeks later – even better, this could have easily been done in less than a week if I, myself, had acted sooner. Even after the court date, Mr. Rothstein continued to answer my questions about my volunteer hours progress and work with the organization I volunteered for, and with me to make sure everything was working out. Bottom line is, if you need a knowledgeable, and most importantly, RESPONSIVE lawyer, hire Eric Rothstein. His fee is very good and his service is impeccable. –N.T.

Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!!!!

I hired ERIC ROTHSTEIN for a shoplifting criminal case. He very clearly explained my options. I got great result. I’m very happy. I was sentenced to community 1 day service and got an ACD. Great lawyer. Consistently kept me updated regarding my case and was always available. I just want say that was amazing experience with Lawyer in my life. THANK YOU FOR ALL HELP. –A.K.

Best of the Best!

Eric E. Rothstein did an outstanding job fighting my case over false accusations. His excellent knowledge of and familiarity with the courts allowed him to provide me with the best possible defense. He has a vast array of experience, a record of success, and showed me he cares for the integrity of the justice system and provided me with confidence that he is one of the best of the best to handle my case. He has a no back-down attitude and attacks like a shark due to his strong successful track record. I highly remanded Eric E. Rothstein to anybody that’s looking for one of the best lawyers around. –Gary

Mr. Rothstein’s services highly recommended

Mr. Rothstein handled my case in a professional, timely manner as expected. I would recommend consulting any legal issues with Eric. He was quick to set me up with my initial consultation, preparing our defense and getting results. –Jeff

Marijuana ACD

One can immediately tell how experienced this person is from the first interaction with him. He was easy to get in touch with AND stay in touch with. He met me in a place at my convenience and when we discussed the case he was compassionate and understanding. More importantly his experience clearly is what shined. I had a case of MJ use and the repercussions of that case were going to interfere with my job opportunities in the medical field. When I explained that to him, he immediately saw the gravity of my situation and I actually didn’t have to do much explaining, instead he pointed out everything I was concerned about by himself. In the end he got me an ACD with case dismissal in 2 months!!!!!! Instead of the best case scenario standard year which would’ve showed up on my record. The best part of all of this is that he was honest throughout the whole case, he pointed out the important things, and in the end what happened in the court was exactly what he described. It was very clear that he wasn’t just passing on false hope and telling me not to worry at all. Instead he explained to me what usually goes on and what the worst case scenario would be – bottom line, what one would want when dealing with a lawyer. Moreover, he offered me advice about the future and how I should deal with matters relating to this case, like filling out forms and the background checks and all of the things one would be worried about. He was also very patient in addressing all my questions and concerns. One last thing of note, I’ve talked to other lawyers about my case before I reached him and they were clearly more concerned about the money than my case. Mr. Eric was very professional when it came to that matter and everything went perfectly as planned. All in all he is obviously one of the best choices out there and I would recommend him to anyone. –O.K.

Outstanding, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy – 5 Stars

Eric Rothstein is an outstanding individual. His professionalism outshines any of hte attorneys I have had in the past. He represented my family in a lawsuit with a hospital. His experience, honesty and quick response time are superb. He did an amazing job. Because he is a master of his craft, he will guide you through the process with ease. I highly recommend Eric. He is your to to attorney. –Maryann

Best Possible Outcome For Criminal Misdemeanor Case. Highly Recommended

Mr. Rothstein represented me in a criminal misdemeanor case. He was able to get the charge dismissed before my hearing date. I could not have asked for a better outcome and am completely satisfied with the level of service he provided. He responded promptly and thoroughly to all of my questions and was very reassuring throughout the process. I highly recommend him. –Robb

Amazing Experience Getting Bench Warrant Vacated

Not a US resident and had an outstanding warrant in NY for a missed court date. Eric was very quick to respond to my questions and was able to immediately get it vacated (and the case dismissed) without even having to pay a fine. Couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome or more convenient and hassle-free process. Thanks! –Adam

Very Good Experience

Mr. Rothstein has a lot of connections with prosecutors in Manhattan, and due to those connections he was able to get me 1 day instead of the normal 2 days of community service for my 1st time offense, as well as my record sealed after 6 months.  He was punctual for our appointments and always responded to my e-mails within a few hours.  He was flexible in terms of where we would meet for our appointments, making my life easier.  He was also flexible in terms of my payment plan, since he knew I have been unemployed for a few years.  He answered my questions thoroughly which made me feel at ease. –Heather

Attorney At Law Eric Rothstein Is The Best!

I might have not very complicated case however for me it was the most important one. This attitude to me and my case I noticed from the first minutes of the consultation with E. Rothstein. I came to him after visiting two attorneys. I even hired one of these two, however the conversation with Mr. Rothstein convinced me to sign the retainer with him. During the time till my case was successfully resolved I have never regret my decision. First of all I was able to get his legal advice literary 24/7. His replies were always quick, accurate and understandable. All times he was polite, never hung up on me, never ignore my emails or phone calls. He was absolutely reachable. These qualities are very important to me. Besides that he charged me twice less than the attorney I hired previously for the same case. Because I have worked with 3 lawyers for exactly the same case I can reliably compare them and even extrapolate my evaluation further more – the attorney Eric Rothstein is the best. I can highly recommend him with all my brain and heart. Thank you very much, Mr. Rothstein.  –Alex

Disobeying A Park Sign Case Handled Excellently!

Eric did exactly what I needed in a prompt and clean manner, and kept me informed along the way of his intentions and the direction of the case. He even moved my case up, knowing that I was anxious to get things cleared as quickly as possible.  –Megan

Fantastic Lawyer A+++

Two months ago, as a result of my forgetfulness and ignorance of NY law, I was charged with a Class A misdemeanor possession of an illegal weapon (at an airport nonetheless). After much research, I choose Eric as based on stellar online ratings/reviews. Eric is a fantastic lawyer who knows exactly what he’s doing. I strongly believe that his prior experience in the DA’s office helped my case because Eric knew exactly when and how to approach negotiations. He always answered my questions no matter how stupid or repetitive. Most importantly, he was able to successfully get me the ACD for a charge that NY had very little tolerance for. Plus, the cherry on top was that he was cheaper than the other lawyers I’ve consulted. Overall rating – fantastic and beyond.  –Qu

Eric Rothstein To Your Defense

Had my case dismissed and sealed the very day we had to show up for our appointment at the court house. Eric was very knowledgeable and well versed in terms of what would happen and made me feel at ease about my case. You can most certainly rely on Eric to handle yours. –Frank

The Best Decision You Will Ever Make!!

After significant research, I decided to hire Eric based on his incredible client reviews and I’m glad I did! Eric is an absolutely amazing lawyer who knows exactly what he’s doing. He was always prompt in answering any of my questions (and I had a lot!), sometimes within the half hour. Eric was incredibly patient in explaining what would happen and why he was doing what he was doing. You will not regret hiring Eric – he goes above and beyond!  –Hina

DAT – Petit Larceny

DAT – petit larceny charge for taking money from a restaurant tip jar after bad service from the staff. Eric explained the charge and my options. At the first court appearance the prosecution did not have the official statement of evidence from the restaurant, so we decided to wait and not accept an ACD (which takes 6 months to be sealed). A month later at court appearance #2, they still did not have the paperwork. On the 3rd court appearance another month later the case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence!  In the beginning when I had lots of questions, Eric was quick to respond and explain his answers. Throughout the process he was prompt returning emails and sent reminders the day before our scheduled court appearance. I also really appreciated him getting to court early each time so we could be placed high on the list of cases and I could be on my way to work as quickly as possible.  Thanks Eric!–  Adam

Marvelous Lawyer – Sealed My Case

This review is long due actually for Eric, who deserved it much earlier. However, here it goes. I went to Eric’s office first time in 11/2013, with my girl friend. He told me his charge, which was very reasonable, and I paid him full right away, since I felt the sense of security with him. My gf called cops on me, cause we broke up, and lied to cops that I beat her up! Though she gave affidavit to D.A, and told them multiple times later that she lied to put me in trouble, however D.A didn’t drop the case. Eric advised her to send an email to D.A directly, which D.A was unaware of next day. Right away, Eric told judge that he could show the proof ! He was offensive, whenever he got any slightest chance. Again, when it was 109 days, quite over 90 days time limit, Eric went on offensive again, and the case got dismissed and sealed. He told me that in the very first day, I met him. Get him, and he will make it happen. FYI: He always picks up the phone, and will definitely call you back to update you in person! I loved it. –Rokib

Highly Recommended

Mr. Rothstein handled my case with with great personal attention and kept me informed throughout the process. Mr. Rothstein was able to answer all of my questions and get the desired result of having my case dismissed and sealed. I would most certainly recommend his services.  –Elliot

Medical Malpractice Client

Great lawyer.Consistently kept me updated regarding my case and was always available.Eric Rothstein was formal and responsive to my emails. He was able to get my case handled before my appearance. I was worried about it because this was my first case but he made me feel comfortable and reassured me that the case will be handled . Excellent communication and exceptional professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on my behalf. Thank you always! –M.Y.

Excellent Lawyer

Excellent lawyer. His professionalism and demeanor helped me get through this ordeal. I have health issues which he understood and went far and beyond in making sure I was not stressed out. He believed in me from the first time we met and worked hard to have my case dismiss and sealed. Most importantly, he always kept me informed about my case and never got annoyed at all the questions I asked. His responses were always simple and to the point. I highly recommend him you will not be disappointed. –B.A.

Public Urination/Indecent Exposure Citations

Highly professional, good communications.  Outlined the possible outcomes, but was able to deliver the best outcome (dismissal).  The case involved my 21 year old son getting citations for public urination/indecent exposure for urinating in a downtown alley outside a club at 3 AM. –W.C.

Criminal Defense

Mr. Rothstein was very responsive, prompt and professional. Mr. Rothstein was able to work out an early dismissal for my daughter’s case. I highly recommend this attorney. –Kim

Two Cases Dismissed

I was pressed for time in finding a defense attorney for my court cases and found Mr. Rothstein on-line. This was after a few days of reading many reviews from many attorneys and liked the reviews his clients gave him. Now being a former client myself, I know his other clients were being modest in their review. I will take the same approach as to not sound like I am praising this attorney, but having my cases dismissed and sealed without going to trial in my situation comes very close to that. During my cases he took the time to understand my position, explained my options and the court process, and made me feel I was his only client. This was very important to me because this was my first time going to court. In court I felt confident because he was in control and well prepared for whatever the D.A. throws at me.  Mr. Rothstein is THE attorney to have by your side when you need representation. My family and friends have his number in case they need him. –Rawle

Amazing Lawyer

Eric Rothstein is an amazing lawyer. I’m so thankful I found him on-line. I was arrested for shoplifting. He got the case to be dismissed and I just have to do one day community service. He is very professional and punctual about everything. Every time I emailed him, I got a reply right away. Very helpful and knowledgeable guy. Definitely recommend him.

Summons Issued To Minor

My daughter, a minor, inadvertently entered a park with a friend in New York City after hours. A police officer issued a summons to her and her friend. This was her first such incident. Mr. Rothstein handled everything diligently. She did not have to appear on her court date as Mr. Rothstein handled the matter personally with the judge. He was able to get the case dismissed immediately and sealed. This is the best outcome that can be obtained in such a matter. Mr. Rothstein was recommended to me by someone with a similar case and favorable outcome. –Dick

Worth Every Penny (2 Cases Dismissed)

I would highly recommend Eric Rothstein in any criminal defense matter. He is very familiar with the court system from both sides that will aid in you getting justice. He had two very difficult cases for me dismissed by working within the system to get the results that were true. He always answered my emails and picked up my calls personally. I have dealt with many lawyers and he is top notch. No false promises and he does what he says he will do. He is an excellent lawyer. –Daniel


I  hired Mr. Rothstein to handle a case of a pink summons for me. I really liked how to the point and reliable and reachable he was. He was able to get the case dismissed one day after the court appearance without me even having to be present. Highly recommended. –James

Efficient And A Great Outcome

Eric handled an open container violation for me. I spoke to him about my situation and he gave me his honest opinion that he thought it was possible, but not certain, he could get it dismissed. He emailed me right after the hearing with the good news that he was able to get an adjournment with contemplation of dismissal that would mean it would be dismissed in a day. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I would recommend him to anyone.– Pat

Honest And Trustworthy

I was in serious trouble (Assault in the first degree) and was desperately looking for a good lawyer to help me. After doing some research and talking to a couple of other lawyers I was blessed to meeting Mr. Rothstein. What called my attention was while every other lawyer I talked to promised me miracles and assured me that they can resolve my problem, Mr. Rothstein told me not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. The day after I hired Mr.Rothstein he was like a dog off its leash giving me results in24 hours. In a couple of months time, my problem was not only resolved but we had outstanding results in which I did no time and have no criminal record. Mr. Rothstein gave me a fresh start and is a real honest lawyer always answering my emails the same day he gets them and always updating me on my case. I strongly recommend Mr. Rothstein as a Criminal Attorney for any one who is in a similar situation that I was in. –T.D.

Eric Did Some Excellent Work And Exceeded My Expectations

After speaking with many lawyers about my case I decided to go with Eric because of his clear knowledge of the legal system, his experience working with DA’s in New York and his friendly and helpful manner. I informed him of the outcome in the case I was hoping to get (an ACD with an early sealing) which he managed to achieve in the first court appearance, with the sealing period being reduced to 2 months which was even shorter than I expected.  I would happily recommend Eric to anyone I know and not hesitate to work with him again in the future (although I hope its not necessary!). –Paul

Eric Was A Blessing – Assault Case In Manhattan DISMISSED

Facing criminal charges can be a very scary and challenging moment in anyone’s life. It becomes especially challenging when trying to sort through hundreds of attorneys to find the one best attorney to represent you and your rights and future. I spent several restless days researching the charges I faced and trying to find the best suitable attorney to represent me, for a reasonable price of course. After having spoken to numerous attorneys, I came across Eric’s profile on line and had to gave him a call. With his immense knowledge of the criminal law and tremendous enthusiasm to help, he Immediately stood out from the rest and i felt very comfortable having him represent me. He kept me informed throughout the long and enduring process and always did his best given the circumstances. Very punctual man – He was always on time to court, always answered phone calls and texts on time. Eric was able to use his extensive knowledge of the legal system in our favor and had the assault case completely dismissed and sealed whereas other attorneys I spoke to were gearing towards an ACD/Probation (as a best case scenario!) Not sure where I’d have been without Eric’s help but I’m very thankful I came across his profile on line. Also, he charged nearly HALF of what other Attorneys were asking. He was a blessing. –Az

Professional Class Act

I am writing this review for two people: Mr. Rothstein and you. Yes you! Chances are if you’re reading this your searching for a lawyer. Look no further, all of the reviews Mr. Rothstein has on here are 100% legitimate. First and foremost, Mr. Rothstein was lightning quick in all of his correspondence with me… Whether it was a telephone conversation, an email, a text, or a personal meeting Mr. Rothstein was prompt, courteous and respectful. He handled my legal matter quickly with the best possible outcome. Your first interaction with him will most likely be a free telephone conversation/consultation. It’s at that point that I realized I made the right decision. I was immediately put at ease by his professional demeanor. He was straight forward and honest with me. From your first conversation with him you will know you have an experienced hard working advocate in your corner. I can’t thank and recommend Mr. Rothstein highly enough based on my recent experience with him. –Tom

I Recommend Eric Rothstein

Eric Rothstein is a straightforward and honest lawyer. Mr. Rothstein communicated step by step and always found a solution. His relentless drive and dedication allowed for my case to be resolved quickly.  Not only did Mr. Rothstein prove my case, he made sure my reputation and character was not affected. Throughout the process I felt secured and respected. Mr. Rothstein’s persistence and expertise makes him an outstanding lawyer and friend. –Edward

Very Reliable Lawyer

I used Mr. Rothstein for a criminal charge, he was efficient, professional, and very helpful. His price was fair and he worked with me to get my case dismissed even before the court date. I highly recommend Mr. Rothstein. –S.E.


Eric Rothstein did an absolutely incredible job in getting the case dismissed on the first day! He was courteous, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He promptly returned all my phone calls and emails. Thank you very much! Eric Rothstein the lawyer that you want! I highly recommend Eric Rothstein to everybody. –Marina–Superb Service I hired Mr Rothstein for a criminal case, he was forthcoming, efficient, and trustworthy. He always answered my questions and kept me informed of any updates on my case. He got me dismissed of all charges. I would highly recommend him.

One of The Best Attorneys In NYC

Mr. Rothstein is one of the best lawyers I have ever dealt with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law, hard working and very professional. He truly cares about the client, and he ALWAYS kept me updated and informed and used his time to HELP ME! Any person who is lucky enough to meet Mr. Rothstein and retain him, should know he will go over the ends of the world for you. Mr. Rothstein got me a bigger settlement than I was expecting. He is just incredible and very honest!!!!!!! I wish all lawyers in NYC were like him then all clients would be happy! –Sophia

Excellent Attorney All Around. Highly Recommended.

Eric Rothstein was my attorney for a criminal defense matter (assault). He was awesome throughout the entire process. During the initial phone conversation, he was understanding and patient but also professional and thorough. He was always on time and we were always one of the first to be seen by the judge. He always returned my phone calls and emails promptly. He knew his plan of attack and altered it properly depending on the situation after each appearance. It is evident that he has a lot of experience and knowledge in this area. Before our 3rd appearance, he informed me that he was able to speak with the DA and get the case dismissed and sealed.  I would recommend Eric Rothstein for both criminal defense matters as well as personal injury matters or any other area of law that he practices. He is all-around an extremely competent, courteous, and thorough attorney. He took a lot of the stress out of an otherwise very unpleasant situation. HIGHLY recommend. –Jordan

Strongly Recommend Mr. Rothstein

I retained Mr. Rothstein to represent me in a recent misdemeanor case. After meeting with several lawyers, I found Mr. Rothstein most comfortable to work with. He exhibited the utmost professionalism, patience, and courtesy when explaining the details, possible outcomes, and ramifications of my situation and case. In response to my numerous questions, he gave honest and straightforward answers that reflected both robust experience and a vast knowledge of the law. He was ultimately able to obtain the best possible result in my case (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal). Mr. Rothstein has my gratitude and respect, and I would strongly recommend him to anybody in need of legal representation.  –Jack

Great Confident Lawyer!!!

Eric was a great supportive lawyer. My case was postponed a couple of times and while I began to panic Eric was confident. I especially appreciated that my emails were returned quickly. He knows his field very well and takes steps to ensure his clients best interest! Thanks Eric for answering all of my many emails!

Best Legal Experience

I had the best possible experience I could ask for with Eric. He represented me for a case that I was extremely nervous about, and he made me feel comfortable with his confidence and expertise. I trusted him implicitly and could not have asked for a better outcome in my case. He seems to have great relationships within the court system and full understanding of best approach. I would not question his decisions, and would/will absolutely reach out to him immediately in any future legal issues that he could address. –Kate

Amazing Assistance With Old Appearance Summons

While performing a background check on myself I came across a 10 year old warrant for an appearance ticket. Not only was this surprising but around 10 years ago someone was arrested using my ID to purchase and consume alcohol. I thought I was in trouble proving my innocence as I no long had proof of that person’s arrest. I searched on-line and came across Eric Rothstein and was impressed by his recent reviews. Well after working with him I can only further attest to his true 5 star rating. He was friendly, knowledgeable and kept in contact with me. He assured me not to worry and contacted me as soon as the case was resolved (case dismissed). I would highly recommend his services to anyone here and would happily recommend him to close friends and family. –Noah

Recent Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (UPM) Case

I contacted Eric the day after my brother and I each received our UPM summonses. He charged one very reasonable fee to represent the both of us and I couldn’t be happier with the job that he did. Throughout this process Eric was very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to reach and I can honestly say that I never had to wait more than a few minutes for a response from him. Eric was able to convince the judge to dismiss BOTH charges without us even showing up in court. If you need a reliable, knowledgeable, patient and trustworthy attorney Eric is the man for the job! –Dale

Successful and Painless

Eric appeared on my behalf to defend me for a misdemeanor City parks violation charge. He got my charge dismissed and sealed within a month. He was communicative but didn’t ask for too much from me or take much of my time. The process was simple and completely painless.

I Recommend Eric Rothstein

Mr. Rothstein is professional ,efficient and responsive .His answers to my questions are always short ,fast and right to the point. He was able to help me get ACD with 6 months dismissal and  sealing + 2 days community service on the second court appearance .Highly recommended. –BY

Extremely Fast, Successful and Professional

I called Eric regarding a minor issue and he was able to resolve it completely later that afternoon. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and kept me updated throughout the process. I could not possibly endorse him strongly enough. –Joshua

Great Experience

Eric was always super responsive (even on weekends) which was extremely reassuring and helpful for me. And not only that, he knows the law system very well and got the case dismissed! Highly recommended. –R.M.

Eric Rothstein, The Hero

Eric was highly professional and sound in his work. As someone who has little experience with the law, Eric’s professionalism set a grand introduction towards my initial court case. It’s evident he has strong relationships within the DA court system. I’d recommend him to anyone, his presence is respected in the New York courts. –Brian

Excellent Attorney

I was recently arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Since it had never happened to me before, the expected outcome of my case was an ACD with dismissal in 6 months. For me, a recent college graduate, it meant that I would have to postpone my job search for at least 6 months, since I wouldn’t be able to pass background checks with an open ACD. I was ashamed and devastated. A casualty of the Great Recession, I had been working really hard to change my career and earn my latest degree in healthcare, and the thought of not being able to move forward because of my mistake, was difficult to bear. I needed an attorney, who could negotiate a much shorter ACD. After painstaking research, I decided to hire Eric Rothstein, a very experienced and highly respected in the legal community attorney. From the moment we first spoke over the phone to the day we met in court, Eric Rothstein has been empathetic, polite, and honest. He answered all of my questions, came to court even though he had other cases heard that day in a different borough, and he was able to negotiate an ACD with dismissal and sealing in 3 weeks. Thank you, Eric Rothstein.

Fare Evasion

Eric provided responsive, professional, and knowledgeable representation. He was able to get the DA to dismiss my theft of services charge and an ACD on trespassing for an incident involving fare evasion in the subway. He also was able to move my court date around to fit my schedule and resolve the matter swiftly. –Doug

Excellent– Attorney

Eric is a extremely knowledgeable and knows the system very well. He also really cares about his clients. He was able to dismiss my case very efficiently securing a meeting with the DA which led to the successful dismissal of the case. Eric always returned emails and phone calls promptly. I highly recommend him. –Cameron


After reviewing numerous lawyers profile on AVVO, I decided to hire Mr. Rothstein as my lawyer.  I was charged with 5 counts all stemming from an allegation that I struck my ex-girl. The most serious of these were Assault in the Third Degree and Menacing in the Third Degree. In addition of having charges brought against me in the criminal court, she also went to the family court and got a restraining order against me because she had been living at my place for a month. So, I had a restraining order in both the criminal case and the family court. So I had two court cases against me and two restraining orders against me. The job that I do, I had to be found not guilty in both courts or I would lose my job. Also my future live hood, because I wouldn’t be allowed to work in my career field with assault charges against me, It was truly a horrible feeling to lose everything that I had worked so hard for because of false accusations. I want to say that I am so glad that I hired Mr. Rothstein as my lawyer, a lesser lawyer would have found this as daunting and probably would have tried to try to get me to take a plea of lesser charges, which the DA did attempted to have me do. Not only was I found not guilty of all charges in the criminal case, Mr. Rothstein, did so an amazing job on the criminal case that the opposing counsel was told in so many words by the judge that they weren’t going to win the family court case. So, the ex-had no choice but to drop the restraining order against me. In the criminal case against I was being tried by the Assistant Bureau Chief, so that brought the big gun against me. Mr. Rothstein was a true professional throughout the trial and was unfazed this. To watch him cross-exam my ex was to watch an artist at work.  If you are in trouble hire this man. I hope that I never need a lawyer again but if I do. I know who I will be calling. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have him.– Darrell

Eric Is Simply The Best

If you need someone to feel bad for you and hold your hand like a toddler, Eric Rothstein is not the attorney for you. If you need a professional, knowledgeable, and prompt attorney Eric is the best. He is simple and to the point and doesn’t waste a second of your time. His response times are incredible and he is just a beast in the courtroom. He is the first to arrive and the first to deliver the punches. Although my case was simple, he dominated every interaction with the judge and the DA. It only took one hearing to dismiss my case. I would recommend Eric to anyone in need an attorney. As a bonus, his retainment fee is just plain fair. I didn’t bother negotiating as people that were obviously half as confident were charging the same amount. –Greg

My back was against the wall where I was set up and arrested . The lead detective told me I was wrong and I should take a plea, there’s no way out !! I called Eric Rothstein he immediately showed up on a Saturday and pleaded my case quoted the law held my hand entire time until my case was dismissed !!! Best dam lawyer money can buy – its not a game when your at the mercy of wrongful judical system!!! Take no shortcuts with lolly pop lawyers, they suckers !!! –Lawrence

Excellent Lawyer. Resolve The Case Quickly And Smoothly.

I am glad I hired Eric Rothstein. My daughter received a Desk Appearance Ticket for a misdemeanor – PL 155.25. I was very concerned and didn’t know what to do. Eric was very nice and explained that the situation will be resolved quickly. The court date was conflicting with my daughter’s college orientation. Eric was able to reschedule our court date without issue. On the day we went to court, there was a big line outside for the court appearance. Eric helped us skip the line and got our case called first. The whole court process and paperwork was about 30 minutes. The important part is that my daughter received an ACD so the case will be dismissed and sealed in 6 months. She will have to do 1 day of community service. I highly recommend Eric Rothstein. He is very easy to talk to and know the court system very well. Thank you!– Steve

A True Shark!

This Gentleman has been with me hand on hand until he proved I was innocent. I recommend this lawyer to any one in trouble, he is very honest, he tells you his fees you give him down payment and the rest through the process, he is so formal reliable always on time and the most important realistic. Do not hesitate/ I took him over Elkan Avramowitz! –Jacobo

Efficient and Well Informed

Eric Rothstein was quick to respond to my question on line with the most informed solution to my situation. He gave me all the information I needed to take care of a UPM ticket. He accommodated my circumstances and worked for my benefit. He kept me completely informed on both court dates that he attended for me. A complex process was used to get the ticket sealed and dismissed. His methods are impressively sophisticated and his expertise is invaluable. I don’t feel as though my case could have been handled any better and I felt as though I was regarded with great generosity. I highly recommend Mr Rothstein to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. –Toni

Great Experience

Throughout the entire process, Eric was responsive, professional, and ultimately successful in having my issues resolved. I would highly recommend him to any future clients.

Highly Recommended

Eric was by far the most amazing attorney I have ever hired. His diligence was able to get an embarrassing and job threatening ACD charge dismissed. Being my first time getting in trouble it was very reassuring to have such a knowledgeable and hard working attorney stand through me through this difficult time.  Thank you Eric! –Alan


I was charged with theft of services for getting on the back of a city bus because I was too impatient to wait for another on my way to work. The public defender had the judge give me an ACD without knowing the repercussions it might have. Working for a financial institution, it jeopardized my employment and I was placed on unpaid administrative leave. Fortunately, I came across Mr. Rothstein on Avvo, and I am glad to say I made the right decision. From our first meeting he set reasonable expectations and worked with diligence and persistence until he achieved them. My ACD was vacated and all charges dismissed immediately. Results aside, he understood my situation and made me feel like my case was his main priority. Very importantly for me, he was quick to respond to emails and phone calls; he took the initiative to keep me updated every step of the way. Mr. Rothstein just seemed like he had everything under control and I had nothing to worry about, even though he had to go through everyone in the DA’s office to find solutions. His dedication and professionalism make him well worth the investment. Thank you Mr. Rothstein for saving my career and helping me avoid the FDIC.  –Robert

Excellent Criminal Attorney

Eric is the best attorney you can have by your side, he is completely knowledgeable and always will keep you posted on the status of the case. Very responsive on any updates you need involving the case. He will not give you false hopes on the outcome of the case, straight forward and will towards a best outcome. My case was dismissed because of his efforts and truly want to thank him for that. I am never been in trouble with the law before and I did not want this on my record and Eric was able to make sure that this incident did not come on my record.

Personal Injury Case

Mr. Eric Rothstein represented me in a personal injury case involving a motor vehicle knocking me down to the pavement causing my leg to be broken and several other injuries.  Mr. Rothstein is a great attorney. I was a little hesitant about hiring an attorney from a website, but Mr. Rothstein has demonstrated that he is very professional, patient and efficient. He answers all of your questions without making you feel “rushed” or “stupid”. He returns all phone calls and he makes you feel like he is truly interested in your case and not just “out for the money”. In my case, we were able to reach a settlement and I would have to say without a doubt, if you need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Rothstein is the attorney for you. –Rowena

Outstanding Attorney

Recently I had to deal with misdemeanor charge for city park signs disobedience. I’ve never been exposed to that type of problem and I felt a bit lost. Contacting Eric Rothstein was the best decision I’ve made. He was very responsive and provided me with detailed list of options that I had. He was also happy to meet with me at late hour to address all of my remaining questions. He’s very professional and approachable at the same time. What’s most important, Eric was able to successfully represented me in court and helped me to obtain an ACD, simply solving my problem. I’m very satisfied with his work and I highly recommend Eric for anyone that needs legal help. –Michael

You have found the Best! Stop looking

Nobody wants to be involved in a criminal case, however we landed in one. It was a problem that seemed impossible to get out of. I went on my knees and prayed and Eric came into our lives at a crucial moment. He listened to our case, analyzed it, didn’t give me any scary predictions. The man is the real deal. As I sat in court with him, I kept thinking if he gets us out of this, man will I write a killer review! But honestly no words can do Mr. Rothstein’s skills justice. This is my first ever review about a lawyer. He doesn’t need you, you need him! If he takes your case – sleep well. He will get you out of the mess. He is kind, professional and not greedy. His interaction with the detectives, prosecutor and judge shows you he is a pro! Everyone likes the man. I thank G-d for putting this amazing lawyer in our lives. If your family reads this, they should know you are a gem in the field and be very proud of you! –A.S.

Very responsible and Reliable Lawyer

In August, it was the first time in my life I got a pink ticket from Police. Since it is a minor violation ticket, thus I was planning to send my ticket with my “guilty” sign and fine fee to the Court to end this case. However, my GF checked internet and found that if I accepted it as “Guilty”, I would get a bad record with me from the court, and this record may impact my reputation and job. Then, I started to search the internet, and found Eric already posted his advice on similar cases through internet. I emailed Eric my case, and he immediately replied me and gave me some advice. Then, I met him at his office. After consulted with him, I decided to hire Eric to handle my case. Eric gave me quite good deal in fee. After 3 weeks, he made my case clean, and got a certificate of disposition from the Court. I really appreciate Eric’s help. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer and very responsible!! –D.S.

Expert Attorney. Unparalleled Service.

Eric Rothstein got my case dismissed. Eric is extremely professional, doggedly thorough and remarkably knowledgeable. While working my case he was extremely patient with all of my questions and provided a meaningful and understandable response to each of them. If you’re looking for someone who prioritizes your best interest and get results, Eric Rothstein is the right attorney for you! –Jeff

Eric Rothstein is THE BEST attorney that you can have!

Eric just got my case dismissed, even before I figure out how to spend my next few months of unpaid leave because of a job threatening ACD. This is truly impressive, amazing and unbelievable how efficient he is and how fast he moved the case! He made every effort to push every progress that can happen. People had said that it may take at least a few weeks and time is critical before my leave ends with termination. He saved my job within a week! I can’t imagine any lawyer that can beat him. Throughout the process, he’s extremely knowledgeable & professional, super flexible, very experienced and honest! He also charges very reasonable price (absolute wise, it might not be the cheaper one, but he definitely outperformed the level he charged). I trust him 100% and managed to sleep well not worrying about my job after he agreed to take my case. I’m very lucky to find Eric and get through the difficult time with his First-Class professional support. Thank you again, Eric! – Jenny

Great Choice!

I was being charged with a misdemeanor assault charge after getting into a yelling argument outside of a bar. I found Mr Rothstein on line. He laid out the process and potential outcomes after our first meeting. He obviously had a ton of experience handling these kinds of cases. My case was ultimately thrown out when the DA couldn’t get in contact with the other parties involved. He properly advised to not accept a plea deal before we came to this outcome. Very stressful ordeal but happy with my choice in hiring Mr. Rothstein. Lastly, his fee seemed very reasonable. – Jacob

Fantastic Attorney!

I was charged with a violation of NYC park’s regulation for walking in Central Park after 1 am, which is surprisingly considered as a misdemeanor and can lead to a permanent criminal record. Eric was able to negotiate an ACD and convinced the Judge to dismiss and seal the case in 24 hours instead of the usual 6 months. I couldn’t expect a better outcome. I didn’t even have to appear in court by myself. Eric took care of everything while I was in vacation. Fantastic work. – Jerome

Results And To The Point

Eric secured an ACD for me and was highly responsive and direct. He was realistic in managing expectations and came through with everything he said that he would. Now I have the opportunity for a clean start. –Geoffrey

PL 165.40 – Financial Services Professional

I was charged with PL 165.40 (possession of stolen property). I contacted Eric Rothstein who understood that such a charge on my record can be detrimental to me working for any FDIC insured Financial institution. He guided me all through and always kept me up to date on all the developments. He was quick to respond to emails or phone calls. Best of all – he was able to have the judge add a different charge and get the 165.40 dismissed, and then he got me an ACD for the other charge. He is a great attorney who knows the law really well, is very understanding and knows the system well. –Hasan


I did not do enough research before coming to NYC. I live in TX, and took a gun with us on our three day trip. I kept it in a lock box the whole time, didn’t have any problems until we were at the airport check bags just like I did in TX. Well long story short I was arrested on the spot. I got ahold of Mr. Rothstein and he pretty much handled everything to perfection! He told me what to gather up etc and did an amazing job. If you didn’t know a gun charge in NYC without a New York permit is a felony up to five years in prison! Mr. Rothstein did everything he said he was gonna do and more! The DA DROPPED all the charges and I came out with just a ticket, mind you I have never had a problem with the law and I’m so thankful Mr. Rothstein. If you have any kind of charge give this guy a call asap!!! Thanks again Mr. Rothstein for everything!!! –Cody


Eric Rothstein is a professional. Eric was able to provide answers to all my questions about the charges brought against me as well as provide an understanding of the forthcoming process. Ultimately, Eric was able to have the length of my ACD reduced. –Chris

Good Advice From An Excellent Lawyer

My 18 year old son was out with his friends, in the city, one Friday night. On their way home he and his friends decided to do something stupid and jump a turnstile while entering the subway. The next thing you know, my son was arrested and was facing three criminal charges. We hired Mr. Rothstein for legal services and from the get-go he advised us of the process and what to expect and guided us to make the right decisions throughout the process. At the first court appearance we were tempted to take a plea from the DA that wouldn’t have resulted in the best outcome for my son and his future, but Mr. Rothstein advised us to be patient and that he would work with the DA for the best possible outcome, which he did.  Mr. Rothstein is extremely competent and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with his services and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is facing legal woes. –George

Fast and Diligent

I had an issue that required immediate action, so I contacted Eric. He replied in a matter of minutes and took care of my case immediately, explaining the options that I had, very clearly. He also indicated which were the best directions to follow and in less than 24 hours he solved it. I highly recommend his services.  –Javier

Amazing and Trustworthy

Eric Rothstein was able to get a UPM (unlawful possession of marijuana) completely dismissed in NYC. He was courteous, affordable and always answered emails immediately. I would hire him in the future if I ever need a lawyer again.  –D.M.

Direct and Informative

I hired Eric through a referral, and I must say was the best decision I could have ever made. Had a car accident 4 years ago, low impact but spinal damage. With his guidance, meticulous record keeping, and vast knowledge of personal injury, he was able to bring my case to trial by jury and win the maximum. His experience as a trial attorney shows in his presence in the court room.gain. –R.D.

PL 120.00(1) – Case Dismissed!

In April I was involved in an altercation with a male stranger while in New York. I was charged with PL 120.00 01. I felt very strongly that I had a justification defense, so after reading several profiles on Avvo, I selected Mr. Rothstein as my defense lawyer. He seemed highly knowledgeable and I was impressed by the number of positive reviews that his other clients had shared of their outcomes. After briefing him on the phone of my situation, we met at his office in NY where more details were presented. He acted quickly and kept me informed throughout the entire process, explaining legal terms, etc. I was SO nervous as this was my first (and definitely last!) time ever being arrested and given a desk appearance ticket. He was nice and made me feel at ease, and was actually quite humorous at times! The whole process lasted nearly 5 months, with three court appearances in total. I’m probably not wording this properly, but the first time I went to court (June) was to see if I would be offered some type of plea bargain, although I learned that offers are not normally made in arraignments on assault cases. The second time I went to court (August) was to see if the male stranger had signed the supporting deposition. He had not, and if memory serves me correctly, I was offered a deal of pleading guilty and then having the charge removed from my record after some time had elapsed. We did not accept the deal. A month later (September) I went back to court and the case was dismissed!! I was so relieved and happy, and I knew that it was because I had a great lawyer on my side defending me. I would definitely recommend Eric Rothstein to anyone who has a criminal charge made against them.  –Meghan

Great Council

Eric really made a bad process easy. Really great with communication. Really inspired confidence during the process. –Anonymous

Great Lawyer, Very Responsive

Eric was a great lawyer in my case and was very responsive to all requests. He seemed very knowledgeable and acted very quickly. I had zero issues with him through my experience. –T.P.

Fast, Efficient, and Great Communication

Eric was wonderful from the start. During our first call, without having known a lot of details, he was able to identify the type of case, the possible consequences, remedies, and outcomes. I had a clear idea of how he would deal with the case. I am happy with my result; it was the best result in a horrible situation. I am forever grateful.

The Greatest of All Time

I went through a legal issue that threatened to completely ruin my career and leave me unemployed.  I talked to about 12 lawyers before I came across Eric. They all said that there was nothing they could do to effect a favorable outcome. I don’t know if they are just lazy or incompetent. Probably both. Some of these people were at name brand large law firms but clearly they are just not on the same level as Eric. The only advice I can give is to shop around for attorneys because there are some true charlatans out there who have no idea what they’re doing. Eric was able to push my arraignment date up AND shorten a 6 month ACD into about a week, which every other lawyer said would be impossible. I would literally be unemployed with my career permanently in shambles if he hadn’t gotten this outcome. Outstanding job. –Isaac.

Outstanding Lawyer!

For the first time in my life I was on the wrong side of the law. I was extremely nervous and having to wait 70 days for my arraignment put my anxiety levels through the roof! After doing extensive research on Avvo, I came across Eric Rothstein, he clearly stood out from the rest! He’s very professional, experienced, and he’s an excellent communicator.  I emailed him on a weekend to schedule a consultation and he responded immediately. I can’t emphasize enough how important that was for me! I met with him at his office on a holiday and he answered all my questions and the possible outcomes of my case. I hired him right on the spot. Eric got me the BEST possible outcome, he spoke to the Judge and was able to have my case dismissed and immediately sealed. For anyone facing legal problems, look no further, Eric Rothstein is the lawyer you want by your side! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer. Thank you for all your help Mr. Rothstein! –Al

Super Competent and Effective Lawyer

My teenage child did a dumb thing, drew on a wall while waiting for a friend, and got arrested for graffiti/criminal mischief. Mr. Rothstein supported our anxious family through four months of proceedings, explaining things clearly, reassuring us, and getting us in and out of two desk appearances quickly and successfully. My child’s case was dismissed and sealed, and we owe it all to Eric’s professional expertise. We would not have known how to negotiate the ins and outs of this case without his help — it is MUCH more complicated than we ever thought it would be and deeply appreciate his excellent handling of the case. I recommend him as highly as possible to any other individuals or families in a similar situation. Thank you again, Eric. –Janet

Mr. Rothstein Is The Best Attorney Ever!!!!

I live in Russia and I was living in New York for a brief period of time. I had two summonses which I needed to close as soon as possible. After reviewing Avvo website I decided to ask for help Mr. Rothstein. I received response very quick. I sent all required documents and on the next day my two summonses were dismissed!!!!  Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable and professional attorney. He helped me a lot! I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation in words!!!!  Thank you very much, Mr. Rothstein!!!

Amazing Attorney. Personable and Understanding.

For once I was on the wrong side of the law. I was in a situation where an ex girlfriend reported me for txting her during a family court OOP. I was charged with contempt of court and I was currently in the job process for multiple agencies and lost a potential job offer during the arrest and court process due to the criminal background pending. I contacted mr. Rothstein along with several other attorneys deciding which was the best one for me. He stood out from the rest and was extremely personable and treated me with utmost respect. He wasn’t like the other attorneys more concerned about money and what they thought was the best outcome for me. Their potential outcomes wasn’t beneficial to me and my potential job hunt. Mr. Rothstein was understanding of my situation and knowing that my case was being dragged on and having sleepless nights in months and rest assured to me that he would work fast and efficiently to have my case work in my favor. He ended up pushing my case a month sooner than the initial date and was able to have my case resulted in a acd with a 2 week dismissal and seal right before another job process background check. I cannot express enough about his work and strong background to help resolve a simple case In such a timely manner vs potential back and forth court hearings with plea deals that weren’t beneficial to me in the long run. He responds super quick whether by phone or email, something that other attorneys take forever to respond and actually works with your schedule. Highly recommended!!!!! –Vincent

–Outstanding Criminal Attorney, Highly Recommend Mr. Rothstein

I was charged with a class “A” misdemeanor and after doing extensive research on Avvo and talking to several Law firms, I decided to go with Mr. Rothstein. During our initial phone conversation, without knowing if I will hire him or not, he was understanding and patient answering all my questions and explaining all possible scenarios. Eric secured an ACD for me and everything happened in a court very quickly all the way as he explained it to me over the phone and during our initial meeting in his office. Eric is a great attorney who knows the criminal law very well. He also cares about his clients. He always returned my calls promptly. I highly recommend Eric. –Alek

Very Satisfied

Eric was so easy to work with, I was abroad during the whole process and he was so present even though we were dealing with the case by far. Fast and clear communication was the key for the success. –Carolina


He the best ! He know the laws and how to do the right thing. –Khuram

Plain and Simple call Eric Rothstein, it will be the best call you ever made. He can literally save your life.

Eric takes the time to explain your case. He always responds fast via phone/text/email . He did not let the CITY DA bully me.  We are new to the country and he walked us through everything, protected us and treated us like family. He turned a serious case into practically a dismissal (ACD) because of his hard work and connections. I will recommend him to anyone in a second. He is honest and tells you realistically what he can do. His price is very fair for the service and attention he provides. He changed my greatest fear into a learning lesson.  He helped save my job and my life. –Alex

Eric Rothstein Is The Best! Call Him!

I read through so many of his reviews before consulting (and eventually hiring) him and almost thought they must be too good to be true. They are not! My experience with Mr. Rothstein has mirrored the other testimonials I read. He is very easy to get in touch with and prompt in returning phone calls or emails. I had a pink ticket summons and was extremely worried about it. I called him twice and went to his office to meet him in person. Each time we spoke he was very calm, informative, and he immediately put me at ease. Once the ticket became court ready (a little over a week before the actual summons date), Mr. Rothstein went to court in person for me and got the ticket dismissed and sealed. I’m grateful to him. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. –Matthew

Top Lawyer

Eric Rothstein is a hard working and well versed attorney who will do everything he can to help you in your times of need. –Richard

Super Lawyer

Let me tell you how good this guy is….  I received two 6 months ACD’s then I realized I needed to have them sealed early for employment reasons. So I found about Eric on-line and give him a call on a Friday. By Friday afternoon Eric called me back and said he scheduled a court appearance for the Monday. Eric had me in front of the Judge in Brooklyn, dismissed and sealed that case, then in Manhattan Community Court to take care of the other one……. And I still made it to clock in to work at 2 pm.  Talk about efficient!!! –Raph

Helpful and Took Away My Worry

Eric helped me and a friend after getting a citation for marijuana. We were lost on where to start and how to go about getting this resolved. Eric was one of many lawyers I contacted and seemed very knowledgeable on the topic and willing to help and guide us through the process to make it easy. After we hired Eric all we had to do was wait and the case has since been sealed.

On Point and Very Quick

Mr. Rothstein is not only quick in his response but also he is very thorough with his advice. From the email conversation itself I started developing the trust a client would like to develop with their attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Rothstein.

Misdemeanor Assault Case

I retained Mr. Rothstein for a misdemeanor assault case. I would like to say three things to illustrate how good he was. First of all, Mr. Rothstein gave very accurate predictions on what would happen in each step of the process, from arraignment to court hearings. In particular, his assessment of what would happen was all very accurate. This must be based on his many years of experience. Secondly, he was fully aware of all the tools and strategies he could use to tackle the case and explained DA’s possible actions and his strategies very clearly. So you know that he’s very well prepared. He responded to emails in a very timely fashion. Lastly, his fee was very reasonable compared to other criminal lawyers. In the end, the case was dismissed, the best outcome that could be achieved. So I would highly recommend him for criminal cases and strongly recommend you contact him at least for the initial consultation. You will likely be able to tell the difference right away.  –Zhao

Extremely Knowledgeable, Always Available, Put My Mind At Ease

I had never gotten into trouble before, but I find myself facing a desk appearance ticket for possession. Saying that I was terrified of the repercussions it would have on my life would be an understatement . I spoke to a few other lawyers but they hardly seemed to share the same concern for my case that Eric showed me. I was in near panic when I left him a message at 8 pm on a Friday night, and he returned my call only a few minutes later. I explained my situation and he immediately let me know that he was confident he could take care of this and that I could go on with my life as if it never happened.  Fast forward two weeks, and he had my court date moved up by five weeks, got me an ACD with no other fines or community service, and I was free to get back to my life. He’s very well connected, has clearly been successful in his field for quite a long time. At my hearing, he had two different attorneys coming up to him to ask a question or two. The judge saw myself and Eric’s other clients before the other dozens of cases that continued on well into the afternoon. The whole appearance lasted less than an hour, truly a painless and stress-free process all made possible by Eric.  God forbid that I ever need representation again, Eric will be my first call. Thank you! –Jake

The Best of The Best!

Eric was really straight forward with everything on my case, he really got me a good deal and I was very blessed and satisfied. So happy to have found him on Avvo! I would recommend him to anyone! –Kelly

Excellent Attorney!

Mr Rothstein went above and beyond for me and my case. Mr Rothstein was able to get the ADA to agree to an ACD (with a dismissal and sealing in a reduced 3 months) for a class A 7th-degree misdemeanor possession charge. Saving my job…… Hire this man, you won’t be disappointed! –Christopher

Best Reliable Lawyer With Immediate Responses And Deliver Superior Results

Charged with Possession of Marijuana in NY Manhattan. Due to my DACA Renewal I needed to seal the charge ASAP. From Mr. Rothstein’s support, I was able to bring up the court date 6 weeks earlier and received 25 day of ACD to meet the deadline before the immigration status renewal. All the lawyers that I have spoken with previously said it was impossible to bring up the court date earlier BUT Mr. Rothstein was able to work out the situation and made it happen. His Professional Networking ability and treating all the case equally to his clients deserves all the Respect, Highly Recommended.– S.C.

Excellent!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!! Stupendous!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone reading this review. I am a Federal Officer with over 16 years on the job and have come in contact with 1000’s of lying, money hungry, deadbeat, uncaring, and quick to plead you out (even if you didn’t do it) attorneys. Mr. Rothstein is the first attorney that I’ve actually come across who gave a damn, was supportive, and actually listens to what you tell him. I was charged last year with 2 misdemeanors for a crime I didn’t commit by the alleged victim. There was no evidence at all just complete hearsay, the CW wasn’t credible and needless to say the DA still chose to move forward against me anyway. If you expect the DA to care if it’s the truth of whether your innocent or not stop right there. They do not care, it’s all about convictions, not the truth. So here I am facing possibly going to jail, losing my job, lifestyle, and everything I hold dear to me. Enter Mr. Rothstein!!! I to like you found this website and wondered were all these glowing reviews of Mr. Rothstein the real deal. Please believe me as I sit here a free man today that they are. Mr. Rothstein went straight to work. He listened to my side of what really happened then sent out numerous subpoenas to gather the evidence I needed in my case and informed the DA that the CW was a habitual liar and the real criminal. The DA chose to ignore our warnings and push forward anyway. We finally went to trial and I was nervous to say the least. Not because of guilt but the fact you can be prosecuted over just a allegation. Mr. Rothstein didn’t hold my hand or cuddle me but he was understanding, calmed me down, and gave me the honest facts of the case and the possible outcomes and regularly told me to be patient and this will work itself out, this is the system. And as a client you definitely want your attorney to be honest with you good or bad. Trial is now here and Mr. Rothstein masterfully cross examined the complaining witness, a police officer, and a NYPD chief. I wasn’t there when they dropped the first nuclear bomb, but that’s what it seemed like when I was watching him do his thing in the court room. He was so good I didn’t even need to testify. The man definitely knows his stuff. The ADA was completely out matched on all levels. Needless to say the judge came back not guilty on all counts just like Mr. Rothstein predicted. I could say more great things of Mr. Rothstein but it took me this long for it to all sink in and for me to gather my thoughts on what to write. Instead of something crazy, the clear and concise truth is enough. Hire this man if your innocent and if the system is trying to railroad you. –Alex

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Mr. Eric Rothstein was simply the best! He was straight forward and fast with everything that had to do with my case. Every time I emailed him or asked to go to his office he was available right there and then. I got everything fixed with court and back to work with less than a month. Mr. Rothstein also gave me an affordable price , with the ability to pay little by little before the court date. I really recommend him to anyone that needs a criminal defense lawyer! –Jennifer

Saul Goodman

Had a pink summons for an unattended running vehicle. Eric Rothstein is practical and aggressive on your behalf. He gives you multiple options on how to handle your case. He is well respected in the courtroom and had me appear and granted an ACD in under 30 seconds. Hire this guy if you want the best. –Mark

Up The Creek

A warrant was issued for my son because the state claimed that he moved and didn’t change his address and did not report to probation. When he went to court they offered him 8 months and 5 more years probation.Only problem is its a LIE; paper work was doctored to make it look like my son violated his probation. I got in touch with Mr Rothstein and he jumped on it right away. I thought my son was up the creek; how where we going to fight the state and their lawyers. Mr. Rothstein got the necessary files and paperwork (even though my son had one of the toughest Judges out there) and proved his case to show they were lying.  His probation was dropped now my son is a free man. Mr. Rothstein made the impossible possible. He was professional, never lied to me, told me what was going on every step of the way no matter how jumpy I got or how late I sent him an email he got back to me. I didn’t feel like a client; he cared. He worked hard and won this case. I don’t know how to thank him. If its a lawyer you need to put your best interest first stop right here. The best.  –Nicole

Professional and Responsive

I had a brief consult with Mr. Rothstein, and he offered me instant guidance. Mr. Rothstein is professional and responsive. –Susan


Eric successfully obtained dismissal of my petit larceny case flawlessly w/o pleading guilty or any community service or other options that another attorney aggressively warned me about. Eric is a very responsible and communicative attorney and goes straight to the point with you and will be there when and as needed. I look forward to never being in trouble but as he says “mistakes do happen” needless to say I would re-hire Eric if ever needed and definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Eric for everything most importantly a piece of mind where I was able to sleep until the court date and of course much better after. Be well!  –A.M.

Very Highly Recommended

You won’t regret having Eric on your side. Could not have been a better or easier process. He called us back minutes after our initial phone call (on a Sunday!), which needless to say put us (my co-defendant and I) at ease right away. We had a minor drug charge, and he knew what to expect, guided us professionally, kindly and VERY patiently through it all. Was able to advance our court date up by months AND get us a very quick ACD. He knows the law, how it works, what to say and most importantly of all, he knows how to treat first timers like myself as humans and people just trying to get through their whole ordeal.  He’s worth it. 110% –EFL

Petty Larceny

Mister Rothstein was an amazing professional attorney. He was doing his job perfectly before I got to the court and my case was dismissed and charges are going to be released in one month. I Highly recommend Mister Eric Rothstein. –Richardson

Quick and Kind

A friend and I were arrested for possession of marijuana on a Saturday night. It was our first arrest and I was a nervous crying mess! Eric called me back quickly on a Sunday and assured me that we were going to be fine. He walked us through every step of the process with patience and kindness. He was able to move our court date up by over a month and two weeks after being arrested we received an ACD with the promise of dismissal/sealing in two months! It was an amazing outcome to what could have been a devastating situation. I would recommend Eric Rothstein to ANYONE. He has many years of experience under his belt but more importantly he clearly cares about his clients. –Renee

Eric is a fantastic lawyer!

I found Eric on-line, and set up a consultation with him and several other lawyers. Eric was knowledgeable, professional, and honest. He was ready to begin working hard on my behalf, but was not trying to sell me his services during the consultation. He was able to advance the court date for me by over 1 month, while the other lawyers told me it would have been difficult. In the end, Eric was able to achieve the best outcome for my case. He was very prompt in communicating with me both by telephone and email. His price was very fair. Eric also made payment very easy (despite an issue on my end).  All of the great reviews on-line are accurate. Choosing Eric is a great decision. –Adam


Mr. Rothstein was excellent! highly recommend him. very responsive prior to my court date, which helped ease my anxiety. was able to resolve my case with an ACD. also offered to follow up after i do my one day community service so that i do not need to return to the courthouse. –Emily

Excellent and Intuitive Lawyer

Not only is Mr. Rothstein an incredibly professional lawyer, but he is a step above most due to his superb people skills. He knows how to get the optimal results for his clients and does not give up. He is very polite and respectful to all parties and is well connected in the law community, enabling him to achieve personalized results quickly. Out of the 15 different lawyers I contacted. ONLY Mr. Rothstein could ensure that my case would be taken care of quickly and smoothly. While others wanted to charge me ludicrous prices and not 100% guarantee a favorable outcome, Mr. Rothstein was confident in getting results and incredibly reasonable in how much he charges. –Alex

I Am So Glad I Chose Eric For My Case!

About a month and a half ago, I was arrested and charged with PL 220.03 (criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree) at a NYC music festival. This was a horrifying event for me, since I’m a college senior currently looking for jobs. It was also a nightmare for my parents. After some research, it seemed that Eric was the best option for the case. I noticed his proven track record for obtaining ACDs (dismissal/sealing of charge after a probationary period of time) for clients charged with serious criminal offenses. He was incredibly quick to respond. I met with him at his office, where he explained all the details, answered all of my burning questions, and offered to take on the case. I decided he was the best option. After the meeting, he worked to move the arraignment date forward by 2 weeks, something the other lawyers said was unlikely. Anytime I had a question prior to the date, he responded incredibly quickly, even after hours. He clearly took the case (and my ease of mind) very seriously. At the arraignment date, Eric succeeded in not only getting the ACD, but also getting the probationary period shortened from the usual 6 months to 30 days. As I understand it, this is a very rare outcome. I am ecstatic by this result, as this enables me to continue my job search without much of a problem. He also convinced the prosecution to drop the usual condition of a drug education class, since I had been undergoing therapy since the incident. I could not be happier with this result. After weeks of anxiety, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to Eric.  –Luke

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Hire!

I was charged with Assault third degree in Queens, NY. Since it was my first arrest, I didn’t know from where to start. I contacted with few other lawyers before contacting with Mr Rothstein. From the beginning, Mr Rothstein was different than other lawyers. He didn’t push me to retain his service during the initial consultation. He was very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Unlike other lawyers, he answers your phone calls anytime you call him and replies emails very fast. Mr Rothstein was able to advance my case by almost two months. He has very good connections with District Attorney office. Ultimately, Mr Rothstein was able to get me the best outcome possible, straight dismissal! I recommend Mr Rothstein to anyone. I can assure you, 5 star Avvo rating of Mr Rothstein is legit. –Ulugbek

Best Attorney I’ve Ever Had

I spent a lot of time searching for an attorney because in the past, I’ve had many bad experiences. I read so many reviews about Eric and based on the fact that he had so many 5 star reviews, I decided to reach out to him. All it took was that one phone call to ease my anxiety. He was honest, put me to ease and is extremely knowledgeable. He didn’t try to intimidate me as was my experience with another lawyer. He told me what the outcome would be, and even tried to push to ADA for complete dismissal. He follows up with you immediately and I never had to reach out to him to remind him that we had an upcoming court date, as has happened to me with another attorney.  He genuinely provides 5 star service. I could go on and on and list so many reasons why, but honestly only until you hire him would you see what I mean. If you need an attorney, do yourself a favor and hire Eric Rothstein, you can thank me later. –Ben Q.

Mr. Rothstein Is The Best!!!

If you’re a guy who’s been arrested for the first time and are facing serious charges please don’t look anywhere else, hire Mr Rothstein right away. I was facing 3rd degree assault charges(PL 120.00) after hitting a girl who assaulted me by hitting me in the face, even though I hit her in self-defense I was the one who was arrested and charged. I hired Mr Rothstein due to his 20+ years of extensive experience in criminal law and his expertise in helping men who have been unfairly charged with crimes that they didn’t even commit, if you’re a guy who’s been wrongfully accused of assault, sexual harassment, rape or any charge by a woman that is false please don’t even bother with other lawyers, contact Mr Rothstein right away. Mr Rothstein is very professional, respectful, courteous, very intelligent, and diligent. He was always on time in court, answers his emails very fast, always returns phone calls and will strive for the best outcome possible. I can promise anybody that he takes very good care of his clients. Eventually Mr Rothstein convinced the ADA to dismiss the case, the charges ended up being dropped and the records were sealed, as a result I have no criminal record and don’t have to worry about being denied housing or a job. I know that getting arrested and facing criminal charges can be extremely nerve-wracking and worrisome especially if you’re a guy in this day and age, but if you hire Mr Rothstein you’ll be in good hands. –Bilal

MASTER of his field

I met many lawyers and choose Eric for many reasons. Eric is different from other lawyers and didn’t over charge me as my situation was complicated and very time sensitive. Eric came across as the most honest, straight forward and a man of his words. He pulled us out from a very tricky situation with an immigration interview coming up and an open case, it was like a nightmare. Eric did his magic and got the court date moved by month and then he managed to get the ACD completely dismissed with just an extra day of community service. Sometimes you read reviews here and be like is it even possible, trust me Eric is genuine and a master of his field. Also when I emailed him with anything I got a reply in the next few minutes. He is the best and if any body looking out for lawyer believe me go for Eric. know that getting arrested and facing criminal charges can be extremely nerve-wracking and worrisome especially if you’re a guy in this day and age, but if you hire Mr. Rothstein you’ll be in good hands. –Rohan

Great lawyer!!

Eric is a great lawyer. He appeared in court on my behalf and he helped me get an ACD. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a best lawyer to help you get out of troubles. –Komal

Helpful and puts you at ease

Mr. Rothstein helped me understand all the implications of my charge and explained exactly what would happen when we went to court for a DAT. The conversation made me feel much better about the process. During the appearance, he not only got me the ACD I wanted, but also made sure I only got 1 day of community service, rather than 2.  –Sahir

F-1 Holder Charged With 3rd Degree Assault (ex-girl)

I had to go through very stressful period of time after the girl I dated got me arrested after an argument we had. There was nothing really in my case, however, it’s so easy for girls nowadays to just request order protection against men and get them arrested. I found Mr. Rothstein on Avvo first, and contacted him. He called me the next day, and we met to discuss my case. It’s already very nice of him that he met me immediately. He didn’t promise anything which is an important quality for an attorney to have. However, he seemed very sure of what he was going to do and understood my situation with possible immigration consequences to follow after. He got me an ACD deal and I don’t have to wait for 6 moths for it to end. I think him being a former prosecutor has a lot to do with what he can achieve in anyone’s case. He made the DA agreed the case to dismiss within only 3 months after my arraignment. I don’t think I would be able to get this outcome without him. He is a prompt and reliable attorney and a person. One should not hesitate to contact him.  –Y.K.

Hands down amazing attorney!

I was arrested for aggravated harassment misdemeanor by a former coworker who perceived a old text message as a threat. I decided to hired Mr. Rothstein as my attorney and he helped me along the way immediately within our initial conversation. He was very analytical of the situation and assessed to me the possible outcomes of the case at hand. He is a tough negotiator and definitely goes above and beyond to help a client especially when they are in certain predicaments (middle of job hunt in my case) etc. With his years of expertise he negotiated back and forth with the DA and was able to get my case entirely dismissed and sealed. Don’t hesitate to hire Mr. Rothstein as he is a master of the legal craft and hands down one of the most cost effective lawyer I ever had. He is very affordable and works with you every step of the way. If you are ever in any criminal trouble don’t look anywhere else! –Vincent

Consummate Professional

Eric Rothstein made me feel at ease from the get-go. He heard me out with patience and understanding, and assured me that everything would be fine. He kept me in the loop at every step of the way. His strategy was brilliant, and he is obviously very knowledgeable. Thank you so much, Mr. Rothstein, for getting my case dismissed and sealed! –Sharabbi

Best Criminal Lawyer!

I went to Eric after a run in with the law. The case involved shoplifting but over the limit of $500. From my first email to him till the last minute in the courthouse, he has proven to be most considerate, highly knowledgeable, diligent and extremely responsive. He was able to answer all my queries and put my mind to ease. He didn’t make any false promises initially but did mange to get me the results I want (i.e. an ACD). Throughout the whole process he was always available be it via email or phone.  Before hiring Eric’s expertise, I looked at a few other attorneys. But after meeting a few of them in the same area, I was convinced that Eric was my guy. If anyone is ever in need of a top notch attorney, look no where else! He can make the impossible possible. Eric the best NYC has to offer. –Ameera

Best Lawyer Ever!

I had criminal charges against me and was literally traumatized on the possible outcome of this situation. Through researching and referrals I found Eric Rothstein who CONFIDENTLY assisted my case which led to an acd with IMMEDIATE SEALING today at court. While other lawyers said it was impossible and was only looking to reduce my charges, he fought through it saving my job(since I’m up for promotion) and my good reputation. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did! If you need a lawyer to put you at ease and get you the BEST possible outcome! Eric Rothstein is the guy! I can go on and on about how much he’s helped me but action speaks louder then words, which means you will have to hire him to believe it! Thanks again for making me feel like a human at the lowest point in my life! Would definitely refer you in the future! –S.S.

Prompt Professional and Thorough

I couldn’t be happier with Mr Rothstein. I needed his services to complete an issue that I had promptly and he did so far above my expectations. I highly recommend retaining him for his services and forthright and reliable communication. –L.G.

Took Care of Problem In Nick of Time

My son got into some trouble while at college. We found Mr. Rothstein online. Mr. Rothstein was very prompt and had an initial consultation the very next day. My son felt comfortable hiring Mr. Rothstein.  Mr. Rothstein contacted the DA’s office and moved the court date to an earlier date and got an ACD with immediate effect. This was great because my son had an Internship starting next week and we weren’t sure if he could take it because of a potential issue with background check. Things worked out great.  Mr. Rothstein was always prompt and professional answering my questions even late in the evening.  I’d highly recommend Mr. Rothstein! –K.H.

Excellent Attorney. HIGHLY recommend

Mr. Rothstein is an efficient and incredibly knowledgeable attorney. I met Eric on a blog/website after I received an ACD in March ’18. I had many questions regarding the matter, especially the ramifications to my once impeccable background. All his answers were “spot-on” and concurred by all the other attorney’s on the blog. I contacted him for a consultation and immediately hired him as my new attorney to see if he can get me an early dismissal because I was looking for employment. Within a few days, the DA agreed and the case was “dismissed” and “sealed”. I just received my “Certificate of Disposition” and have a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Mr. Rothstein. –A.A. This was my first time being in trouble with the law and Mr. Rothstein assured me that everything would be fine and was able to lay out exactly how the proceedings would go. I had a lot of questions and he was always very kind and responded quickly. Ultimately, he made what seemed like it would be an extremely stressful as stress free as it could be.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and super responsive!!

I hired Eric for my weapon possession and he walked me through the process and most likely result (WITHOUT giving a guarantee). I felt as if I made the right decision after hanging up with him. He worked his magic and got it down to an ACD (which was the hopeful result he mentioned on the call). NOTE: You need to be careful for anyone that GUARANTEES a result. Thanks Eric!!! –S.F.

Mr. Eric Edward Rothstein

Hands down the best lawyer ever! I’m so grateful to Mr. Eric for the way he handled my mum’s case in court today. Very compassionate, thorough and gets the job done. You’ll not regret hiring him in handling your case. He really is top notch. Thank you once Mr. Eric!

The Best Lawyer That Saved My Job And Future

I was charged with 3rd Degree Assault. Long story short someone attacked me few times in one event and I was trying to defend. Just after a few days, he convinced the DA’s Office to decline to prosecute of my case. I got the decline prosecutor letter already. Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable, quick response to your questions and dealing with all cases that like its the most important case for him. Thank you, Mr. Rothstein you saved my life. –H.H.

Intelligent and a very knowledgeable Lawyer

I Highly recommend Mr. Eric to anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer. he handled my Mum’s case so expertly that I was very impressed and pleased with the outcome. He’s very compassionate and has empathy towards his clients. After our first meeting with Mr. Eric he made us feel at ease about our Mum’s case. And he delivered at the day of court. He really is top notch. I can’t thank you enough Mr. Eric! You’re the best at what you do! God Bless!

Case Dismissed!

Mr. Rothstein was referred personally to me and I’m so glad I chose him to represent me. He advised me perfectly and with Mr. Rothstein’s diligence, knowledge and experience the whole thing was dismissed. Thank you Eric!!  –Dev

Excellent Attorney

This was my first time getting into trouble with the law and I needed an attorney. I was reviewing attorneys on-line and I was most comfortable with Mr. Rothstein reviews. I contacted him and explained my situation also letting him know I had an ACD, he asked me a few questions and he immediately assured me that he would get an ACOD on my behalf. My court date was 10/5/18, I was a bit nervous going to court. Mr. Rothstein showed up early. In fact he was with me while my prints and pictures were taken. He got me an ACOD for 30 days. ACOD are usually 6 months. If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney I recommend Mr. Rothstein, he gets the job done and he is very professional.  –Colleen

Case Dismissed and Sealed

What more could you ask for?! Mr. Rothstein was very helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. It is a daunting, scary process to be in criminal court, but Mr. Rothstein put my mind at ease. Highly recommend.  –Roberto

Beyond My Expectations

Communication with Eric was very good – I felt sage in his hands. He got my case dismissed. I would highly recommend him.  –Michael

Criminal Defense

He’s just the best. He helped us and was available whenever we needed. He is experienced which makes him the best. He’s really kind and loving. He understands the problem and is the best.  –Umma

Case Dismissed

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Eric was confident on how things would play out and delivered the result I was hoping for. He was always prompt with any questions I had and stayed in touch with me throughout the process. Thank you again! –Tyler

Outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyer

We hired Mr. Rothstein to represent us for a first degree assault case with less than a month before the trial. He was very fair in assessing all possible outcomes of our case. With his experience, intelligence and overall case management, we were able to get a not guilty verdict. We are now praying thanks to the Lord for directing us to find Mr Rothstein. We are so very grateful and wholeheartedly expressing our gratitude to Mr Rothstein. –J.E.

Impeccable Service

Eric is informative, professional, and patient. He is a very experienced attorney. I felt very comfortable and confident about my case with Eric. My problem solved today,highly recommend him!Thank you very much for your help and your time! –Lei

The Best

After over a week of research and meeting with multiple lawyers; I retained Eric for a 220.03 and a moving violation. Each lawyer said that an ACOD was possible, but not likely. Eric was confident he could get me an ACOD but he never over promised. I ended up getting a 4 day ACOD w/7 hours community service for 220.03 and my moving violation was reduced to a no point violation. Money well spent. –Joseph

Personal Injury Settlement

After getting the roundabout from many of the billboard paying, secretary-answering-the-phone law firms, I found Eric Rothstein. Thank goodness I did not give up so easily. Eric was highly professional, logical, straight-to-the-point, and super responsive throughout the entire settlement process. I truly felt like I had an ally who was fighting for me, as he answered all my questions promptly and also kept me informed every step of the way. I was able to garner a satisfactory settlement with Eric’s representation against a franchise whose carelessness resulted in my personal injury/medical bills. I would recommend Eric to my colleagues/friends/family and will go to him (and his network of other lawyers) should the need arise again.  –Justin

Criminal Defense

While in New York on vacation, I made an extremely poor decision that could potentially ruin my life. I am currently a Junior in college and have worked extremely hard on the road to obtaining my degree. If convicted I would lose access to Student loans and potentially end my college and future career goals. I researched attorneys and based off of Eric’s reviews I decided to contact him. Eric thoroughly explained the court process and reassured me he could help. Eric was able to negotiate an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.
Receiving the news from Eric was a huge load off of my shoulders. Eric is top notch, trustworthy and follows through with what he promises.  – Ian

Case Dismissed And Sealed At First And Only Hearing

I found Mr. Rothstein through a friend of mine who asked her women lawyers’ network for recommendations for a criminal defense lawyer. So he was one of two lawyers recommended by a network of women lawyers. I interviewed both attorneys and though both were stellar, the other mostly served A-list celebrity types and was simply unaffordable for me. I’m glad I decided to hire Mr. Rothstein. He remained professional and responsive throughout the entire process. I recommend him to anyone seeking expert legal representation.  – Sue


Thank God for Eric Rothstein!! I will be grateful to Eric Rothstein all my life for help, care and support in the hardest times! Highly professional, bright, powerful and very kind Eric is going for best results and wins while comforting you and leading you by hand when you are stressed and scared! We all can make a fatal error, mistake that may coast life, Eric saves lives, returns happiness!! Thank you Eric Rothstein, thank you for saving me, thank you for being the best lawyer and the greatest human being!! Words are not enough.  – Dina

Lawyer Review

Mr. Rothstein did an excellent job with my case. He had a strategy, an executed it perfectly. He got my DWI dismissed (which is very rare) an I avoided getting a criminal record. I would recommend him to anyone in need.  – Gregory

Great Lawyer

I contacted him through email and he responded very quickly and professionally. He is easy to talk to and made me feel more comfortable about my situation. He was able to get my penalty reduced to an ACD for 3 months. I came out of this more than satisfied and I would definitely recommend Eric Rothstein to anybody seeking legal representation.  – Leland

2 for 2

Eric is an excellent lawyer for your NYC attorney needs. He has not only assisted with getting one case dismissed for me, but two! Make the call and secure him now for your self. He makes the difference and is worth the money spent. – Bryce

Outstanding attorney!

Mr. Rothstein handled my case personally from start to finish. Professional and thorough, dedicated to protecting my rights. – Luis

Great lawyer

Eric Rothstein is a great lawyer. I was in the Drug Store when a stock cart hit me in the neck. The cart was very tall and caused a herniated disk in my neck. I hired Eric and he was great. Every time I called he gave me as much time as I needed. He clearly explained the process each step of the way. In the end Eric got me a fair settlement and was a gentleman throughout the negotiations. You will be very satisfied if you hire Eric. – Caryn

Excellent, Ethical Representation

My case took roughly 1-1/2 years to settle, and during that time Atty. Rothstein’s communication was always timely and thoughtful. I have PTSD and he took on a case that was often triggering for me. Throughout the course of my ADA action against the defendant he expressed empathy for my situation, and gave me gentle nudges when I was struggling to do my part to settle the case. I am struck by Atty. Rothstein’s commitment to the ethical and professional comportment of his craft. It is obvious it’s a signal part of his being. – Bob

Highly recommended and experienced lawyer

I’m very proud of Mr Rothstein he makes the impossible possible , very friendly lawyer, the right man in the right position, One of the top attorney’s in the USA , I would Highly recommend him for all personal injury and Criminal cases. Thank you again! – Mohammed

Hard Word Pays Off

I was hit and knocked off my bike by an Uber in NYC. I broke my Tibia, Fibula, and ankle in 3 places. I was out of work for 4 months, and that’s just the beginning. I had initially taken my case to a large firm who clearly wasn’t giving it the attention it needed. I’d only receive emails from the lawyer’s assistants, and after 6 months, it became clear that they weren’t going to put in the work to give my case a chance. They just wanted to settle quickly and move onto their next case. I decided to take my case to someone else, and this is when I found Mr. Rothstein. I interviewed him and he assured me that he did all of his own work and would do everything in his power to make sure I was compensated fairly. The case went on for nearly 5 years, as Uber had a very good strategy of postponing every possible court date that was given. I believe that they did this so as to make a lowball settlement offer and I’d accept out of sheer fatigue. Nope, didn’t work. Not going to lie though…….I was close to taking a lower offer, but Mr. Rothstein advised against that and we stood strong. When all was said and done, nearly 5 years after the accident, we settled. I’m very happy with what we received and would highly recommend Mr. Rothstein to anyone who might be in a similar situation. If you want a lawyer who will actually work hard to fight for you, then hire Mr. Rothstein. Don’t waste your time going to these big law firms, as you’re just a number to them. – Craig

Simply the best!

I worked with two previous attorneys on my personal injury case before finding my way to Eric. He is a breathe of fresh air. He is super knowledgeable and more importantly he is responsive. With the other attorneys I had to track them down to ask questions or get updates and Eric is the complete opposite as he is very proactive and really works hard on your behalf. I highly recommend Eric he is a true gem!! – Kevin

Wonderful attorney
I never knew lawyers could be kind AND compassionate. That was until I met Eric. I cannot recommend Eric highly enough…his passion for what he does is apparent and you will be able to see this from your first meeting. He is 100% on your side and will stand by you – he is intelligent, patient and an all around wonderful human. He was able to win a very complicated case for me through his knowledge and persistence. I am forever grateful that he was my attorney, thank you Eric. – Jacquelyne

Knowledgeable and efficient Attorney
I wanted the best and that’s what I got with Mr. Rothstein. He is honest, direct, and knows his stuff! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer with presence who gets the job done. Mr. Rothstein kept me informed and made the process go smoothly even with the difficulties of Covid; ultimately getting my case dismissed. I could not have asked for better representation, and working with Mr. Rothstein was incredibly easy during a very stressful event in my life. Without hesitation, I give Eric Rothstein my highest recommendation. – Anthony

A Strong Hand Against A Nuisance Suit
I was wrongly named in a wage suit brought on behalf of a confused plaintiff by a law firm notorious for its overreach. I needed a lawyer who would stand up to their aggressive tactics. Eric pushed back hard, resolving the case efficiently and cost-effectively in my favor. Throughout the process, he was clear, concise and focused on the result. I recommend him enthusiastically. – Matt

Very Informative And Effective
Eric was very easy to work with and kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. Would recommend! – Anonymous

Amazing, Gifted Attorney

I met Mr. Rothstein many years ago, when I needed an attorney. Not only did Mr. Rothstein do an absolute brilliant job, but he worked so hard, to ensure the truth and justice would prevail, and it did!  Last year, I was injured in an accident, when I was hit by another car. Again, Mr. Rothstein proved how much passion and knowledge he has about the law. He is one in a billion!!! Mr. Rothstein is an outstanding, trustworthy and an absolute hard working attorney who actually cares about you! He is a rare gem who is an excellent communicator as well and always easy to reach! – Sophia

Very professional

I will have to recommend this lawyer. From point a to point b no complications. A big and Huge ty to Mr. Eric Rothstein job well done! – Darnell

The Greatest Lawyer Ever

Mr. Rothstein was an excellent lawyer and handled my case with professionalism, care and consistency. He was very thorough and made sure every step of the case was coherent to me and my husband. He was extremely consistent with communication and I only spoke to him no secretaries! His explanations, his diligence and strive to get my family the best possible outcome was uncanny. I can’t wait to refer him to as many colleagues as possible because he is great at what he does and he truly knows the law he practices. Do yourself a favor, save your self the hassle and hire Mr. Rothstein trust me you won’t regret it! – Sherri

Eric Rothstein Review

Eric was very helpful throughout the whole process. He always did a great job of staying in touch and staying on top of all aspects. I’d highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. – Anonymous

Timely, efficient, and kind

Eric is extremely timely and efficient with his resources and prompt with his responses. I reached out after seeing his posts on avvo, and he got the job done the same day. Highly recommended. – W.S.

 A wonderful Criminal Defense Attorney

Mr. Rothstein is a professional, experienced criminal defense attorney. He’s very patient and understanding. He managed to mitigate a criminal charge down to a mere violation. Avoided paying restitution to a bunch of scam artists looking to get over at my family’s expense. Great communication!!! Highly recommend him to anyone in need of a knowledgeable, criminal defense attorney. Highly appreciate what he did for us. – A.D.

He Kept Going

I was hit by a car just months before the world shut down. The pandemic made everything harder. The insurance companies were shorthanded. The courts were limited and my therapy needed to treat my brain injury was not readily available to me. The insurance company was inching toward a settlement and we thought we would have to go to trial. I even endured a five hour deposition by the defendant’s counsel. It was brutal. Eric never gave up on me. He plowed forward and in the end we were offered the full settlement. This is the kind of lawyer you want representing. – Brenda.


Mr. Rothstein was very helpful and prepared and showed up on time or early so we could be in and out of Court first on all three of our appearances. In the end he was able to get me the best possible outcome. – Wes.

A Blessing in Disguise

Upon searching the internet, it resulted in my speaking with Eric Rothstein; with just a few statements, he knew the family and I had a doable case against a funeral home for desecration of sepulcher of my loved one. There was not a moment whereby we were not kept abreast as the case was moving along. The defense tried to fight; but Eric threw some more jabs, upper cuts, right and left hooks and the defense finally gave in and agreed to settle the case. All disbursements were done with a closing statement accounting for funds distributed to all family members, along with attorney expenses and fees. Eric Rothstein is the attorney you want in the legal arena to fight for your justice. – Daran.

The Ultimate Lawyer

Eric Rothstein represented my sister and I in a lawsuit against a cemetery in NY. He guided us with his knowledge and experience to victory. But what was impressive During the whole case he never missed a email and responded to any questions in a timely manner. I’ve used Attorneys in past and i had to chase them for answers. I never had a great experience with any my past attorneys. But Eric Rothstein is what an attorney supposed to be. Representation on steroids. I will use him again and highly recommend him to anybody looking for a responsible skilled attorney. Ya the best Eric………. – Joe S.

Greatest Lawyer of All Time

I am in CA and was being sued in NY by someone I never met. I made tons of calls and many lawyers turned me away because it was frivolous case and others wanted to upcharge an absurd amount. I found Eric through Avvo and it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I found him on a Saturday and he was working on the case immediately the next day. He charges fairly and he has a wide knowledge of cases and outcomes. Mr. Eric Rothstein works hard every day and for that he gets excellent results. He got my case my dismissed and I am truly grateful. I would recommend everyone give Eric a call to assess your situation and help you out. 10 ⭐️ – Ari

Understanding And No Nonsense

Eric represented me in a personal injury case at a NYC nightclub which caused substantial physical damages. With Eric’s guidance, the outcome of the lawsuit was settled with a very favorable outcome.

Eric has always been responsive to calls and emails at all times and explains every issue to the best of his knowledge. I never felt pressure to make a decision I didn’t agree with and had full autonomy of my decisions. I had Eric’s help every step of the way and am glad I was lucky enough to find an excellent lawyer. Thank you for giving me closure to this traumatic chapter of my life, it would’ve been much more stressful without your expertise. I highly recommend Eric for his knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism. – Jack

Brilliant Lawyer! – Domestic Violence Case

Eric helped me with a Class A misdemeanor with 6 charges. He was absolutely brilliant! His communication was consistent, timely clear. I received 6 charges for a domestic violence case and walked away with an ACD. Eric communicated with me the entire time. If you want solid communication and brilliant results Eric is a very genuine and ethical choice. Highly recommend. – Jeremy

Legal Representation

Dear Eric Rothstein, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your exceptional legal representation throughout my case. Your knowledge, expertise, and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in achieving a positive outcome. Case dismissed.
From our initial consultation to the final resolution, you demonstrated a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in my legal matter. Your strategic guidance and meticulous attention to detail were evident at every stage, making me feel confident and reassured throughout the process.  Furthermore, your strong advocacy skills and persuasive arguments in court were truly remarkable. You expertly navigated the complexities of the legal system, always keeping my best interests at the forefront. Your ability to present a compelling case and effectively communicate my position to the judge and jury has undoubtedly made a significant impact.  Beyond your exceptional professional abilities, your empathy, compassion, and genuine concern for my well-being have been truly remarkable. You always took the time to address my concerns and answer any questions I had, ensuring I felt supported and informed every step of the way.  I am incredibly grateful for your tireless efforts and the positive outcome you achieved on my behalf. Your legal representation has not only provided me with the best possible outcome but also brought me peace of mind during an otherwise challenging time.  Once again, thank you for your exemplary legal services. I will be forever grateful for your dedication, commitment, and the extraordinary level of professionalism you have demonstrated throughout the entire process. With heartfelt appreciation, Your client. P.S. If you need legal help, contact Mr. Eric. – F.M.

Fellow Attorneys:

I endorse Mr. Rothstein’s work highly. We initially got to know each other as opposing counsel on a highly contentious matter. Mr. Rothstein gained my respect in his advocacy and legal skills. Because of that experience, my firm and myself asked him to work with us as of counsel on other matters, which has confirmed our utmost respect for his work as an attorney and as a person. –Joseph Sofer, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an exceptional and highly skilled attorney. He evaluates cases with insight, intelligence and heart. When he accepts a matter, it is pursued thoroughly and with great diligence. His preparation is exhaustive with regard to both factual investigation and legal research. I could not recommend him more highly or with greater confidence. –Michael Galeno, Esq.

I have known Eric for many years, and not only is he an outstanding attorney with excellent legal skills, but he has great vision and foresight necessary to obtain the results his clients seek. Moreover, Eric is very responsive to his clients, a quality too often ignored by attorneys today. I strongly recommend Eric. –Michael Schein, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer’s work. Eric is an outstanding and thorough attorney who works well with other counsel and obtains very good results. –Owen Carragher, Esq.

Eric is a strong advocate for his clients. When I have any questions pertaining to criminal or personal injury law, it is Eric that I call. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. It is a pleasure working with him. –Barbie Lieber, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer. Very knowledgeable and professional, this attorney really helped me with some legal questions I had. –Nicklaus Misiti, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer. I have had numerous occasions to refer clients to him, and the clients have always been very satisfied with him personally and with his legal work. He is a very client-oriented lawyer, with a broad range of expertise. –Joseph Brophy, Esq.

I endorse Eric with great pleasure. I have worked with this Lawyer. His dedication to his profession and his clients is truly admirable. Eric has a unique ability to analyze the most complex of issues. He is loved by his clients for his ability to breakdown the issues so that they are part of the process and understand it each step of the way. –Edward Marcowitz, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable in the law and always willing to lend a helping hand. He promptly and conscientiously attends to requests for assistance. I have no doubt that he is an effective advocate. –Jeffrey Adams, Esq.

I met Eric several years ago when one of my civil clients required tandem representation on a criminal matter. Eric achieved superb results and, since then, I have not hesitated to recommend him. –Tim Bukher, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an excellent source of legal knowledge not only for clients, but for fellow attorneys as well. His passion for criminal law, and his prestigious prior work history make him a leader in this field. –Caitlin Donahue, Esq.

I have been impressed with Eric’s knowledge, his insights, and his skills. He offers advice in a clear, direct, and no-nonsense way. Eric clearly has a strong grasp of many areas of law, and the ability to express his knowledge in a way that shows his commitment to the law and to his clients. If I were asked to refer a client to an attorney with a mastery of criminal law or personal injury law, Eric is the first name that would come to my mind, because I know that the client would be in very good hands. –Michael Haber, Esq.

Attorney Rothstein’s detailed and honest information assists people with criminal law and personal injury litigation. He has an ability to explain legal terms and procedure in a way that advises and educates. He is a true professional. –Colin Abbott, Esq.

Eric offers insightful and intelligent legal advice. He is a knowledgeable and experienced criminal lawyer. –Theodore Robinson, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a great resource and is very knowledgeable about the law. His answers are honest and concise. He clearly is an attorney that will help if he is able. –Gary Kester, Esq.

Eric Rothstein shows a sound knowledge of law and procedure and you would do well to retain his services if in need of an attorney! –Joseph Lo Piccolo, Esq.

With a solid legal background and lots of experience, it should be obvious to anyone that attorney Rothstein knows the law and the courtroom and likes helping people protect themselves when they are tangled up in the criminal law system. If his office is anywhere near you, I highly recommend him to you. –Ronald Burdge, Esq.

Not only is Eric Rothstein’s reputation in the legal community excellent, but he is an experienced practitioner who clearly focuses on serving his clients’ needs. He is insightful and has a clear understanding of the law. Any client would be well served by having Mr. Rothstein as his/her attorney. –Mark Campanella, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an asset to the legal profession. –Russell Lewis, Esq.

Eric Rothstein knows the law well. –Kyle Bristow, Esq.

I have known Eric for a number of years. He’s smart, creative and does a good job for his clients. Eric is well respected by his fellow attorneys. I endorse Eric. –Carol Schlitt, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable about the law and an asset to the Bar. –Alice Antonovsky, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an experienced and well regarded attorney in the legal community. –Tsirina Goroshit, Esq.

Eric is a zealous advocate for the rights of all his clients. He works tirelessly to make sure they get their day in court and their due. –Simon Landsberg, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein’s legal advice is consistently accurate, analytic and customized to the needs of his clients. These are exactly the qualities that every client would be looking for when hiring an attorney. –Michael Doland, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a fine lawyer with extensive experience in trial law and with wide knowledge about the local area and legal environment. He is responsive to his clients and their needs are his preeminent concern. –Mark Caruso, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a highly skilled and extremely effective criminal defense attorney. –Michael Barrows, Esq.

Eric Rothstein has a very high level of legal knowledge and expertise. –David Pittman, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an excellent advocate. –Evan Oshan, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a dedicated and talented lawyer who is well respected in the legal community. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent criminal attorney. –John Carney, Esq.

Eric Rothstein has a thorough knowledge of criminal law. –Radha Rothrock, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an excellent lawyer! –Tatiana Kadetskaya, Esq.

Eric Rothstein demonstrates a vast knowledge of the law, which he selflessly shares. –Joshua Lippes, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein and I practice in some of the same areas of law. He has a deep understanding of the law and provides helpful information. –Cheryl Smith, Esq.

I am amazed at the diverse areas of law that Mr. Rothstein knows about. –Peter Weinman, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is incredibly knowledge in many areas of law. –Rory Alarcon, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein demonstrates both knowledge and experience. You would be well served by retaining his services. –Michael Millar, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a top-notch attorney and highly respected in the legal community. –Christian Lassen, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an outstanding attorney who provides exemplary advice. I would recommend everyone and anyone to him for representation. Even though I have been practicing fo 24 years, as a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, and in private practice, I learn valuable new information from him every day. He is a superb attorney. –Christopher Leroi, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is well respected in the community, insightful and has a wealth of knowledge. –Joseph Caraccio, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is he superbly credentialed and experienced; he plain knows what he is talking about. He gives straight, candid advice, to the point and concise. And, while I’d be upset that a client of mine was in trouble, I would feel better knowing that Mr. Rothstein was running the defense. –Andrew Weitz, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a top-notch personal injury lawyer. He has tremendous experience and a proven track record of results. –Steven Samples, Esq.

Eric provides quality legal advice in a concise and easy to understand format. He is well respected in the legal community. –Philip Kusnetz, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein’s legal answers and analysis underscores his understanding of the law. I’d recommend him to anyone needing an excellent criminal defense lawyer. –Robert Harris, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a valuable asset to our legal community and to the public. –Andrew Roberts, Esq.

Eric Rothstein has a solid grasp of the law and a willingness to provide clear, practical information to people in need of legal help. I am happy to endorse him and his services. –James Frederick, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. –Dean Tsourakis, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is highly competent and informative. Potential clients in the field of criminal law in the NYC area will be well-served by retaining him. –David Bliven, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein provides insightful advice and information to questioners in the criminal, family law and personal injury areas. Were I to have a matter in New York City in these types of cases, I would recommend him and refer potential clients to him without hesitation. –Jack Lebowitz, Esq.

I have found Mr. Rothstein’s answers to difficult questions to be extremely thorough and accurate. It is clear he knows what he is talking about. –Robert Siano, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a highly skilled and respected lawyer in the legal community. –John O’Brien, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is well respected in the community, insightful, and has a wealth of knowledge. –Alan Brinkmeier, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a zealous and intelligent criminal law attorney. –J. Shumaker, Esq.

Eric Rothstein provides expert answers to criminal law and personal injury questions. I endorse him because of his valuable skill and knowledge. You can hire him with confidence! –Alex Bezu, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is knowledgeable and well respected in the legal community. –William Housley, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is well respected in the legal community, and he is a thoughtful advocate and counselor. –Jeremy Davidson, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is dedicated and passionate attorney. –Misty Fields, Esq. It is obvious that Eric Rothstein is a knowledgeable, caring attorney. –Jeff Krigel, Esq.

Eric is a dedicated colleague. He is generous with his legal advice, and a true professional. –Michael Block, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is very knowledgeable in the area of both criminal defense and DWI law. –Francis Cairdi, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein has an extremely deep knowledge of the law, particularly in personal injury and criminal defense. –Christopher Day, Esq.

I have learned a lot from Attorney Rothstein on personal injury matters. He is a well respected member of the legal community. –Sarah Kovoor, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is smart, insightful and focused on getting results for his clients. Eric is sought after for his counsel and is well regarded within the legal community. –Richard Weltman, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community. –Sean Clearly, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a highly skilled and respected member of the legal community. –Jeffrey Stinson, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein’s contributions and advice are always on point. He is an asset to this website and the legal profession. –Kyle Tatum, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an extremely knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with years of experience and recognition behind him. Mr. Rothstein is as intelligent as he is generous with his time. I called Mr. Rothstein for advice on a matter as the victim of a crime and he was able to lead me in the right direction. Thank you!  –Emanuel Kataev, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community.  –Robert Brown, Esq.

Spectacular track record, battle tested and proven winner. I Endorse Mr. Rothstein – he is a rock star in our profession.  –Josue Dorleus, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a great lawyer.  His opinions and advice make obvious his legal expertise and handle on the law. I recommend him without reservation.  –David Fraser, Esq.

Eric Rothstein always offers sound legal advice and truly demonstrates a full command of the issues that clients need resolved. He would be a sound choice for anyone in need of representation.  –Edward Ruffo, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a top-notch defense attorney in our community. –Simon Kabzan, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a very insightful attorney and a valuable asset to the NY bar.  He gives superb legal advice and guidance.  –Andrew Kravis, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. –Judd Nemiro, Esq.

Eric is well known in the legal community as an effective advocate for his clients. –Matthew Nezhad, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is both helpful and spot on. He is a diligent professional who brings credit to the legal profession. –Scott Stotz, Esq.

Eric Rothstein answers questions with a clear understanding of the law. He is an asset to the legal community.  –Michael Lemond, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an established, reputable and respected attorney in the community who is dedicated to helping others. His advice is always sound, and he speaks from experience.   –Eric Arnone, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is an asset to the bar, and his contributions demonstrate the strength of his knowledge and his passion for helping people with legal issues. –Daniel Reed, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a zealous advocate for his clients in the New York area. His knowledge and experience in injury cases has to be in the upper percentile of the entire bar in his State. –Jobeth Bowers, Esq.

I admire Eric Rothstein’s knowledge and dedication. –Ingrid Gherman, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is highly respected in the community. –Jill Rogers, Esq.

It is very clear from his experience and his contributions that Mr. Rothstein is extremely knowledgeable and highly competent. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him. –Douglas Goss, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a dedicated, highly-skilled lawyer well-respected within the legal community. –John DeProspo, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is an awesome PI and Criminal Defense Attorney. –H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq.

I know Eric Rothstein personally and by reputation in the community. Mr. Rothstein is one of the best criminal defense attorneys I know. His experience as both a State and Federal prosecutor make him highly qualified to represent persons accused of criminal acts in both State and Federal Courts. I have referred clients with criminal justice issues to Eric in the past and all have been very satisfied with his representation. I would not hesitate to refer clients to him in the future. –David Waterbury, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a hardworking and skillful lawyer. –Jenifer Robinson, Esq.

Eric is a fine attorney who is dedicated to his clients and works tirelessly for successful results. I have no hesitation when endorsing him. –John Elbert, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney. –Roland Ho, Esq.

As echoed by my fellow peers, Eric is a top notch attorney. –Elie Aghabi, Esq.

Eric, a top-notch attorney, enjoys an excellent reputation in the New York legal community. I wholeheartedly endorse him. –Paul Oliveri, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein’s commitment to his clients is unparalleled. He is highly regarded in the legal community –Justin Schiks, Esq.

Eric Rothstein’s advice and legal answers to complex issues demonstrate rare legal acumen seen in an attorney. –Edward Le, Esq.

Eric Rothstein’s legal advise is always on point and always top notch. –Howard, Hoyt, Esq.

Eric Rothstein is a top-notch advocate. –Ross Russell, Esq.

Attorney Rothstein is well respected in the legal community and sought after for his experience on serious injury cases. Clients would do well to retain Eric as counsel. –Jeff Gould, Esq.

Eric Rothstein has a firm grip on the law and gives solid legal advice. – William Chaung, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein provides consistently accurate and helpful answers. These are qualities a client should look for when looking for a lawyer. –Adam Studnicki, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a truly an asset to our legal community, very helpful, and a great expert in the field. –Mark Clay, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein consistently provides solid advice. –Erin Hargis, Esq.

Eric and I worked together on a legal malpractice matter. He did an exceptional job and obtained a superb result for the client. I would not hesitate to recommend him or to work with him again on another matter.  –Adam Singer, Esq.

Eric Rothstein has extensive knowledge, experience, and familiarity with criminal justice in New York State. He clearly has the compassion to help others in need. –Luke Fenchel, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein has a wealth of knowledge in the area of Personal Injury and Criminal Defense. –John Martello, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a very talented and experienced attorney and efficient advocate for his clients. Mr. Rothstein’s clients are well served due to his extensive experience. In addition to those qualities, I know that he can be trusted to handle the matter to the best of his ability. –Kevin Neiman, Esq.

Mr. Rothstein is a well-regarded and driven attorney who has provided exceptional legal representation to numerous clients throughout the U.S. With his extensive knowledge, broad experience and impressive professional skills, he is bound to invest his time and energy into achieving the best outcome for each case, regardless of its level of complexity. –Channika Desilva, Esq.

I am constantly impressed with the breadth of his knowledge and his practical applications. It makes me think “Everybody should have a lawyer like this fine practitioner.” Would refer to him in a heartbeat. –Anthony Cameron, Esq.

It is clear from Mr. Rothstein’s direct advice to those seeking answers that he is the kind of advocate I’d want if I were looking for an attorney: he is knowledgable, respectful, eager to help, intelligent, and responsive. All of these are the making of an exceptional advocate. I highly recommend him. –  Victor Feraru, Esq.

Attorney Rothstein provides a much-needed service and donates time to individuals who are in need of immediate legal answers. – Stephanie Reyes, Esq.


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