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Rothstein Law PLLC
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Past Results

$1.5 Million In Westchester County For Man Dragged By A Bus

The rear doors of an articulated doors closed on the plaintiff has he exited the rear doors of the bus. When the doors failed to re-open, the plaintiff’s arm became trapped in the doors causing the bus to drag him before he fell and was run over by the rear tires. As a result, the plaintiff suffered a multiple fractures and underwent numerous surgeries. The bus company claimed that the accident could not have happened as the plaintiff said and that he must have been injured in a head on collision with another vehicle. Eric E. Rothstein hired a biomechanical engineer and flew her in from Pennsylvania to exam the plaintiff. The expert concluded that the plaintiff’s injuries were consistent with his being dragged and run over and inconsistent with a head on collision.

$1,262,000 Arbitration Award In New Jersey For Prisoner Who Fell Down Stairs

The client fell down stairs leading to his second floor cell after the prison assigned him to the second floor against a medical directive. The client suffered serious exacerbation to his prior leg injuries.

$900,000 For Women With Traumatic Brain Injury

A piece of metal fell from the third floor of a commercial office building and struck the client in the head causing her to lose consciousness and suffer scaring. Another attorney referred the case to Rothstein Law and after meeting the client we suspected that she suffered a brain injury as a result of the accident, which our experts confirmed. Although the client had minimal treatment and refused to follow our experts’ suggestions for future care, we were still able to achieve an excellent result.

$900,000 For Jewelry Manufacturer Who Was Burglarized

Despite receiving multiple burglar alarm signals from the jeweler’s office, the alarm company failed to respond for 2 hours, failed to call the jeweler to notify him about the alarms and abandoned the assignment after dispatching an investigator to the premises who failed to bring the keys to the building’s exterior.

$785,000 Libel Settlement For Person Defamed In Newspapers and On The Internet

The defendants made defamatory allegations on the internet, newspapers and in meetings accusing the plaintiff of stealing money from her employer. The settlement amount included money and debt forgiveness.

$730,000 Settlement For Medical Malpractice Claim

A woman experienced delivery trauma as a result of inadequate anesthesia. Rothstein Law PLLC settled this case in a mediation without the need to file a lawsuit. Several other law firms turned this case down either because they did not see liability or because they thought the case was too small. Rothstein Law recognized its value and made it a winner.

$700,000 Settlement For Slip And Fall

The client slipped and fell in his bathroom due to an overflowing toilet. Several days later, the client fell asleep on his couch and woke up paralyzed. Despite significant liability and causation issues, Mr. Rothstein negotiated a $700,000 settlement and got Medicare to waive its $500,000+ lien.

$660,000 Confidential Settlement In Medical Malpractice Case

$600,000 Settlement In Loss of Sepulcher Case

The clients’ mother’s casket got struck while being lowered at the cemetery and the employees then treated it roughly while trying to raise it back up, damaging it, causing it to open, need replacement, and delaying the burial for 4 hours.

$600,000 Confidential Settlement In Sexual Assault Case

The client’s employer kissed her on the neck, grabbed her breasts and put his hands down her pants. Mr. Rothstein negotiated a confidential $600,000 settlement.

$425,000 Settlement In Soft-Tissue Case For Bus Driver

Despite having over 10 prior on-the-job accidents; having been back to work only 3 1/2 weeks following a knee surgery; and having virtually no lost wages claim due to her disability pension, Rothstein Law obtained a $425,000 settlement for a City bus driver who was suffered soft-tissue injuries during an accident with two trucks.
$343,500 For Trip and Fall Inside a Bakery
Bakery customer suffered humerus fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation resulting in a 6 ½ inch scar due to defective ramp and lack of handrail.

$350,000 For Middle School Girl Secretly Recorded By Teacher

A now former middle school gym teacher surreptitiously recorded the client (and others) while she was changing her clothes in the locker room at her middle school.

$315,000 For Herniated Discs Due To Motor Vehicle Accident

A commercial plumber, who was sitting in a parked car, was sideswiped by a delivery truck and received herniated discs.

$305,000 Settlement In Slip And Fall Case

A home health attendant slipped on the rounded edge of a step in the building where her client lived. Rothstein Law’s expert engineer found a one-inch height differential on the step. During his deposition, the landlord’s property manager admitted that he knew about the defect for over one year but failed to repair it because he only thought it was a half-inch difference. After conceding that he never actually measured it, the witness admitted that a one-inch differential was dangerous. The client suffered injuries to her wrists and hands and underwent surgery.

$300,000 In Loss of Sepulcher Case

A funeral home claimed the decedent’s body from the Medical Examiner’s Office without authority and embalmed the remains causing the family to hold a closed casket funeral.

$250,000 For Women Who Broke Leg After Slipping On Wet Ramp

The client slipped on a portable wooden ramp being used by a fish store to move crates of fish in and out of the store. The attorney of record asked Rothstein Law to handle the discovery in the case. During a deposition, we were able to get the store’s Office Manager to admit that ice melts off the fish crates while they move the crates in and out of the store and the store had been causing this slipping hazard on a daily basis for at least 27 years.

$249,500 For Loss of Sepulcher

A funeral home released the decedent’s ashes to an unauthorized family member, who spread them by the ocean, which the clients first learned about via a Facebook video.

$245,000 For Woman Who Suffered Broken Leg In Car Accident

A woman suffered a broken leg when the other car crossed over into her lane of traffic causing a head-on collision. The attorney of record asked for assistance in moving the case. Rothstein Law PLLC immediately made a motion for summary judgment that resulted in a court order: finding the other driver 100% at fault; finding the client suffered a “serious injury” under the Insurance Law; and dismissing all of the other driver’s affirmative defenses. The case settled shortly after the court decided the motion in the client’s favor.

$240,000 For Two Passengers In A Five Car Accident Case

The clients both suffered a torn meniscus requiring arthroscopic surgery.  When settlement negotiations stalled, Mr. Rothstein moved for – and won – summary judgment against their driver.  Despite the Judge dismissing the driver’s claim that another car cut him off and suddenly stopped, his insurance carried filed a third-party action against the other car. Mr. Rothstein then took the unusual step of moving to dismiss that action on the ground that the Judge had already decided the issue.  This lead the insurance company to resume negotiations and Mr. Rothstein reached a global settlement, even getting the carrier for the car he moved to dismiss from the case to contribute!

$225,000 Settlement For Two Clients Struck By Forklift

Despite the fact that the clients had multiple prior injuries and had not treated since 2008, Rothstein Law negotiated a $225,000 settlement at mediation one week before trial for soft tissue injuries. Almost 18% interest had accrued since Rothstein Law obtained summary judgment, which provided strong leverage to obtain the settlement. Rothstein Law’s aggressive pursuit of early judgment on liability paid off for the clients.

$215,000 For Torn Meniscus

Three clients shared the settlement following a car accident in which the offending vehicle ran a stop sign and broadsided their car. Although the other driver claimed sudden mechanical failure, Rothstein Law PLLC’s investigation established that the driver knew for some time that his breaks were not functioning properly. The settlement included the full $50,000 from the offending vehicle’s insurance policy and the majority of the client’s supplementary underinsured policy.

$200,000 Settlement In False Arrest and Untimely Arraignment Case

The NYPD wrongly arrested the client in Albany on a warrant for someone with the same name.  However, the client was not the wanted person and the NYPD had previously made the same mistake.  This time, the client spent parts of 6 days in jail before seeing a Judge, when the law required him to be seen within 24 hours of his arrest.

$200,000 Settlement For Condo Board In Oil Spill Case

A condo suffered a 7,501 gallon oil spill during a fuel delivery. Despite some hard to prove damages, Rothstein Law used the leverage of pre-judgment interest to negotiate a pre-trial settlement that paid 95 cents on the dollar.

$185,000 For Rear Seat Passenger Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident

A Young Woman suffered multiple fractures in a motor vehicle accident.

$160,000 In Mediation For Woman Who Slipped On Snow and Ice

The client slipped and fell in her parking lot due to the owner’s failure to remove snow and ice from between the parked cars. The client suffered a fractured leg. A few days later she fell inside her home due to the cast and broke her arm.

$156,000 Structured Settlement For 6-Year Old Hurt In Playground Fall

A 6-year old boy fell from the monkey bars in a New York City playground and broke his leg. Inspection reports obtained during discovery showed that City knew for years that the safety surface was “hard and worn” and should be replaced yet failed to do so. Rothstein Law PLLC’s expert engineer also determined that the safety padding was not thick enough.

$150,000 For Trip and Fall Over Sidewalk Grating

The client tripped over a large hole abutting a sidewalk grating and broke her humeral bone (which she had also broken years earlier) but did not need surgery.  After winning summary judgment on liability, the case settled during a pre-trial conference.

$150,000 In Premises Liability Case

The client tripped over a hose when a worked pulled out the slack as he was walking past resulting in a non-surgical wrist fracture and injuries to his knees, back, and arm.

$150,000 For Broken Leg In Federal Torts Claim Act Case

The client slipped and fell on ice while incarcerated at a federal jail and suffered a broken tibia/fibula requiring open reduction and internal fixation.

$145,000 For Taxi Driver Who Was Hit In The Rear

A taxi driver was hit in the rear while he was stopped at a red light. As a result, he suffered an exacerbation of a previous scaphoid fracture and underwent surgery.

$132,500 For Trip and Fall During August 2003 Blackout

A women tripped and fell while exiting her office building during the blackout. Among other things, the emergency lights were not functioning and the women suffered a ankle injury requiring ligament repair.

$125,000 For Fractured Ankle That Did Not Require Surgery

The client tripped and fell on an extension cord placed outside a front door at a Halloween party and suffered a broken ankle that did not require surgery. The homeowner’s insurance company paid the settlement and the case continues against the person who placed the cord.

$125,000 For Fractured Shoulder That Did Not Require Surgery

The client was struck by a City vehicle while walking in a crosswalk with a green light. As a result, the client suffered a fractured shoulder but did not require surgery. Rothstein Law aggressively pursued the case and obtained summary judgment on liability and serious injury. Despite no surgery, Rothstein Law was able to leverage these prior victories in the case into a 6-figure settlement.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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