I might have not very complicated case however for me it was the most important one. This attitude to me and my case I noticed from the first minutes of the consultation with E. Rothstein. I came to him after visiting two attorneys. I even hired one of these two, however the conversation with Mr. Rothstein convinced me to sign the retainer with him. During the time till my case was successfully resolved I have never regret my decision. First of all I was able to get his legal advice literary 24/7. His replies were always quick, accurate and understandable. All times he was polite, never hung up on me, never ignore my emails or phone calls. He was absolutely reachable. These qualities are very important to me. Besides that he charged me twice less than the attorney I hired previously for the same case. Because I have worked with 3 lawyers for exactly the same case I can reliably compare them and even extrapolate my evaluation further more ‚Äď the attorney Eric Rothstein is the best. I can highly recommend him with all my brain and heart. Thank you very much, Mr. Rothstein. ¬†Alex